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    Default CSA Room Question BF Suite or OC view Veranda

    Hello Everyone,
    Trying to figure out where to put a good friend for an upcoming trip to Swept Away. I am either putting him Ocean View Veranda suite or the Beachfront Suite on the original side of the resort.
    I would appreciate your input.

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    We stayed in the Verandah Suites and loved the location as you were so close to all the restaurants and the fun pool. We liked the location better than the beachfront suites. However those rooms are very nice and their terrace and balconies were bigger. So I would say it depends on what is more important...if they are the kind of people to hang out on the balcony or terrace and want to be closer to the beach I would say the BF suite if not I would take the verandah.

    Hope that helped

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    If budget is not an issue, the Beachfront Suites in the old section are very nice. That said, we have stayed in the Ocean View Verandas four times and were quite happy with our rooms. Unless your friend is very hard to please I would think they will be happy with what ever room they are in at CSA. At CSA it is more about the overall experience than the particular room you happen to be staying in.

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    No "view" in the name so I don't think you are guaranteed a view of the ocean, just to clarify.Don't want to dissapoint.Go with the bfs.

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    If you are in the Verandah Suites you can book an oceanview for sure. We had a gardenview and we could still see the water (not a clear view but we could still see it) so if you want a clear view book the oceanview and you will have no problem. I suggest going with the higher floor as well then as the higher you are the less to block the view. The beachfront suites of course are right near the beach so you can see it as well. We just loved the location of the verandah suites more than anything as all the restaurants except for the buffet and the Lemongrass are right there which was great.

    Like others have mentioned though wherever you are you will love it...we can't wait to get back there!

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    We have always stayed in a beachfront verandah suite (new section), but our friends stayed in an Ocean Verandah Suite last year. They are exactly the same as the BFVS except they are located in the buildings behind the BFVS. Please note the word "view" is NOT in the name of the Ocean Verandah Suite rooms, so your friends would not be guaranteed a view of the ocean. Also, if your friends want a TV, then the Beachfront rooms (old section) are not a good choice since these rooms do not have a TV. Other than that, any room at CSA is a great room!

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    If they are light sleepers or if they turn in early you might want to stay away from the BFS. We are not light sleepers and do not go to bed early but we hardly slept at all when we stayed in a BFS. We were "lucky" enough to get one right by the Palms and SeaGrapes and it was very loud. They start setting up really early in the morning and it is very loud. They probably aren't slamming crates of silverware down on purpose but it sure sounds like it. One morning some guys were shouting to some women down the beach, at 445am. I don't know what they were saying because I can't speak Patois. We would finally fall asleep at about 3am or so on most nights and then we would get woken up at 5. People congregate out there because of the seating and the pool and they are loud because they are drunk and nothing is open that late. During the day you can't really hear people from the rooms but at night it is totally quiet so when someone is standing down there talking you can hear every word. It might not be that bad if you are in a room on the side of the building that does not face the beach. We were on the second floor which is probably quieter than the first floor. One night I could hear the people below us on their patio. They had gone outside to see what all the commotion was because they were tired and frustrated too. I think if we were in a room farther away from the restaurants it would have been so much more enjoyable but there is no way to guarantee that. I LOVE those rooms and the old section but it is really frustrating at night. I love the openness and airy quality of the rooms but the downfall is that there is no way to shut out the noise. I'd hate for them to put glass in those windows though. I love the screens more than I hate the noise. But I really hate the noise. It's Atrium suites only for us from now on.

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