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    Default Catamaran at CSS

    Both CTI and CN have a catamaran cruise. Is there a reason CSS doesn't have one or could we get it startd there? I would even be willing to pay a small fee to participate. Maybe have a sign up board with a required count of passengers. I would even go for a cruise off SSB. What do Ya'll think?

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    I am pretty sure that CSS can't accomodate a Catamaran Cruise because it is on a reef, and the coral would damage a boat that size.

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    CSS does not have a cat cruise because the reef is located so close to shore (they can't get the cat close enough for easy boarding). They can arrange for you to take a cat cruise with an outside vendor. We have been to CSS and CSA, and did not miss the cat cruise when we stayed at CSS last January. Having said that, it certainly is a nice perk at CSA.

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    Last October they had the sunset cruise on a ski was the only water activity that cost extra.

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    Thanks for you responses. I forgot about the reef. We enjoyed the cruise in February at CTI. We will be back at CSS tomorrow through Sunday. Guess I'll make do with my floaty.

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