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    Default Thirsty Work....

    After a long hard day, we got our usual spot with the local to watch the sunset!

    Couples Swept Away 2nd may 2010
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    Default Thirsty Work....

    After a long hard day, we got our usual spot with the local to watch the sunset

    Couples Swept Away - 2nd May 2010
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    Quote Originally Posted by leeb View Post
    after a long hard day, we got our usual spot with the local to watch the sunset!

    Couples swept away 2nd may 2010
    ** adorable **
    Art xo Francine

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    Default yah mon! no worries!!

    The best trip ever!! My Mom got married and it was an unbelievable experience!
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    Default photos

    Does anyone know how to shrink the size of my photos so I can upload them?

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    Default Pure Romance

    1. Gorgeous Sunset
    2. Beach
    3. BEST Lobster dinner EVER
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    Default Couples Negril

    Just a few from around the resort...stayed July 12-17, 2010

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    Default Negril Cont'd

    Some more from the resort


    The beach...

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    Default Couples Negril July 12th-17th


    Sorry I had to, even though it's from Ricks

    Flower in front of the Resort Entrance

    Bottles on Ice in the morning from the Buffet Bar

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    Couples Negril - A Couple's Life Saver

    With fond memories of our early January 2010 vacation.

    Vicki - With Love from Iowa
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    If you can't get to Couples, have Couples in your own backyard!

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    Clive Johnson, the eighth wonder of Couples

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    Does it get more beautiful than this?

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    Default Couples Swept Away

    Divine getaway...
    1. chillin on the beach
    2. the view from my floatie
    3. sun setting as an evening shower rolls in
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    Default A Food Lover's Paradise

    My husband and I spent our wedding and honeymoon at CN November 16-25th 2009. There are soooo many things that we LOVED, but for now.. lets talk FOOD!

    1. Breakfast in bed the morning after the wedding left nothing to be desired.
    2. One of the many amazing dinners at CN that makes for a happy tummy.
    3. We missed lobster night, so the CN staff was kind enough to allow us to take a plate to go. Lets just say that the hubby never smiles at me like that...
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    I told you I would be back.....
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    Friends made at Couples are friends for life!!
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    We just got "lei"d @ Margaritaville!
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    Default April 2010 CSS Wedding

    Previewing our wedding location!

    Ahh- water bikes. So much fun.

    My wonderful sister and maid of honor.

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