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    What exactly is considered resort attire? Shorts and flip flops for men and sundresses and flip flops for ladies? And for the nice restaurant, khaki and closed shoes for men and nice sundresses and sandals for ladies? Nice embellished fancy flip flops? THANKS! Trying to pack as light as possible...

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    That sounds about right! I wore sundresses all the time with a pair of flip flops, and then had one slightly dressier black dress for the more elegant restaurants with embellished flip flops. For our return trip I am only bringing 3 pairs of shoes: 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of dressy flip flops, and 1 pair of running shoes for excursions. I took way too many pairs of shoes the first time. Also for men you need to wear a collard shirt (polo shirt for casual places, and button down for fancier places).
    You may also want to pack a few cover ups for lunch so you don't have to get changed!

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    You got it!

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    You have it down perfect. Nice embellished flip flops are what I wear because I don't do heels.

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    Sounds about right. I had shorts on all the time if I did not have a swim suit on. We went to the fancy restaurant once and I had a pair of long khaki colored pants.

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    Default cover ups

    Thanks for the input! As far as cover ups for lunch, are the wraparounds on your bottom good enough, or do you need to cover top as well?

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    You have to cover your top at breakfast and lunch. Found this out the hard way last time.


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