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    Default CTI in 2 weeks! Question about money...

    We are Couples Virgins and leave on July 26th!

    How do we handle the money thing? I know that on the resort if we do the spa or gift shop we can charge to the room.

    What if we decide to book something, from the resort, that is off premises? How do we pay? Do they accept charge cards?

    Thanks in advance!
    Candice and John

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    We take around $300 in cash to cover tips and to purchase gift items from the vendors. We use our credit card for anything else we may want to do or buy and pay the bill when we get home. Everyone but the vendors take credit cards. At Couples, anything you want to buy is put on a credit card then when checking out, you have the option of paying cash or leave it on your card.
    Hope this helps. Have a GREAT time.

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