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    My husband and I have been coming to Couples Negril for 8 yrs now. We have stayed other places and I must say, there is nothing like the staff at Couples Negril(which we know). We feel like we are at home when we are there. Ms.Lanigan, Devon(tennis pro), Naden (spa manager), Michael (bar team leader), the cheif ,Misja (hope I spelled it right), just to name a few are wonderful people. The entire staff are really wonderful and very friendly. Their job is to make you happy and they go above and beyond to make you feel right at home. We are coming back in February and I am already counting the days. My husband is going to be the visiting tennis pro. I look forward to just laying on the beach and just being lazy. We also look forward to hopefully meeting some of the same people we met last time. So if you are out there, you know who you are...
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    The Head Chef (according to our menu card) is Misja Ruijs. Also, fwiw, Karen's last name is spelled Lanigan. (And, since I'm being so technical, Michael Rowe's position is Bar Team Leader - along with Clinton Griffith and Mrs. Douglas, while Shawn Rose is the Bar Manager).

    From your user name, perhaps you are a fan of bartender Tennyson B.? If not, we definitely recommend you meet him - great guy.

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    I do know Tennyson B. He was at the pool bar most of our stay last February. Sorry for the mispelling of names, but that what I get for typing tooo fast..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennyson11 View Post
    I do know Tennyson B. He was at the pool bar most of our stay last February.
    He moved to the evening shift at the Main Bar shortly after. N.P. on the spelling, just trying to clarify.

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    Default Visiting Tennis Pro

    Hi Tennyson11... was your husband a visiting tennis pro in the past at CN?

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    Hi Tennyson11, my husband and I are coming to CN in March. He will be the visiting tennis pro that week. This will be our third trip. I have not been on the couples website in many months and since we are on the 7 month countdown I thought I would return and found your posting. I can't wait to see Devon and the staff. Do you play tennis? Have a great time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10nsSnD View Post
    Hi Tennyson11... was your husband a visiting tennis pro in the past at CN?
    Yes,my husband has done the visiting program for the past two years. This will be his third time. Were you there in February? He was the visiting the week of 2/8 thr 2/12.
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    I do not play tennis, but I enjoying watching. This is my husband's third time participating in the visiting pro program as well. We have been traveling to Jamaica for about 12 yrs now. We have made a lot local friends. We also enjoy meeting the visitors at CN.
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    Default Counting the Days

    We have roughly 133 days until we are in sunny Jamaica drinking Red Stripe or in my case Red stripe light. We can't wait. We are hoping to run into some visitors we met last February. We were there 2/5 thr 2/14. Hi Bonnie and Scott (Mike Holmes). Hope you are coming again this coming February..It is starting to get chilly here in Chicago, so that gives us something to look forward to.Piece out.

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    Is that you that Robbie an I met in Cn in October 2007??????Lint rollers rule lol


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    Default How did you know?

    Yes, it is me. How did you know? How are you? Have you been back to Jamaica? I must say , you have a great memory !!!! I can't believe it's been three years already.

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    Jim and Debbie, right? Loved meeting you guys in April '08...we have our 4th CN trip booked for Mar 2011...Hey Debbie..have a rum cream on ice...Patrick and Lisa
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    My husband & I are returning to Couples Negril for our 4th trip in 5/2011; our first was our honeymoon in 1999. We can't wait to come home again, but I've promised not to start packing until at least January. (Although I can't see any reason not to go ahead & pack my snorkel gear & cover up!:-) We have vacationed in other places, but for the last 3 years, have decided to come home as Couples Negril gives us everything we seek in ultimate relaxation on a gorgeous stretch of beach. We love staying over by the spa--tranquil tropical forrest out my back door while only STEPS from the ocean!!! If you love to papmer yourself as a reward for working hard all year, love to be treated as royalty in the most beautiful atmosphere, and enjoy 5-star food, then CN is your place!!! I know it's ours. Soon come home!!!!!! See you May 22, 2011

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    OK, we are down to 103 days until we are home in Jamaica. Can't wait to be sitting on the beach drinking and no worries. Although I must say the weather here in Chicago has not been bad. Over the weekend we were in the 80's and we are now in the 70's. That is good for here. Too bad it won't last. I hope all of our friends survived the bad storm that came thru. Our prayers are with you.

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    Sorry, but my husband's name is not Jim. You must be thinking of aonther couple Lisa. I have never had the pleasure of meeting you and Patrick. If you are ever there in February , come and find us.We would love to meet you.

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