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    Default THREE weeks from TODAY!!!!

    Three weeks from TODAY, July 8th (just TWENTY ONE DAYS!!!!) we will be at Couples Negril!!!!! SO CLOSE and yet so far.....

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    My husband and I just booked our Couples Negril vacation today! We will be there the 5th thru the 11th!!

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    We'll be there on the 11th!

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    CMCindyA, we are just one day behind you. Get the place ready and let the party begin. We are flying into Negril around 2. See you soon.

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    Hey guys July 7th-14th let the games begin....4 kids at home with poppy and bop...Freedom fun and sun ...see ya all at the AN ,look for us the tall one ,and the blond with the red stripe in our hands....

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    OK that week went by pretty fast....

    Now it's TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!!

    Just 14 little days and we will see our CN again!!!

    jt1215 and denrad69 have fun, we'll be there soon!!

    bilkat and Jndp, we'll keep the light on for ya!!!!

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    We were originally scheduled to be at CN 6/25-7/2. Uncontrollable work issues changed those dates for us. Glad we purchased "cancel for any reason insurance." This will be our 8th trip to CN and we've always purchased insurance, but never had to use it. We'll see you July 9-16...counting the days!!

    Michelle and Vern

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    3rd through the 10th for us! and the 7th is my 42'nd b-day, drinks are on me! look for me on the AN side under the seagrapes tree!

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    we'll be there the 3rd through the 10th also!

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    Finally we are doing the "single digit dance"!!!!!
    NINE days from TODAY we will be HOME at CN!!!

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    Today is Thursday July 1st.....
    We will be at CN ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!

    Better get packing!!!!!

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    Down to the single digits.


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    It's July 2nd - single digits for us!!! Time to pack!!!

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    5 more days. Whew.


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    Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, youre only a day away!!!!! Our flight is tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 5:30am!!!! We'll be HOME soon!!!!!

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