......any or all of the complaints I have read!! We just got back from 7 days at our new 2nd home and ABSOLUTELY LOVED everything about it!!!

I will be writing my more detailed review once I can get my head back above water at work....but in quick summary, no word I can come up with (and I am a pretty loquacious girl with a fairly impressive lexicon) would do justice to our time spent at Swept Away.

Quick shout outs to Akeem (one of our two MVPs), Teno & Paul on the entertainment team, as well as Ruel (the second of our two MVPs), Marlene, Shawn, Denloy & Horatio of the Sunset Bar. Amongst all the other ammmenities that I will rave about in my review, these wonderful people are unequivocally the biggest reason we are already planning our return trip in the winter. See you next week! RESPECT!