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Thread: May 21-28, 2011

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    Default May 21-28, 2011

    Anyone else traveling May 2011? I know it is a long time off but I can't wait and would love to hear from anyone that will be there then too; I am a first timer!!!

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    Default May 19th to 25th 2011

    We will be returning the 19th to 25th, we were there May this year. Great choice, you will love it! We enjoyed every aspect of CSS, especially SSB,

    John and Chrissie

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    Default May 2011

    We will be arriving on May 22nd from the U.K for our honeymoon. I cant wait. Will also be my 50th birthday on June 2nd. So double celebration & hopefully maybe have a bit of a party !!!!!
    See you all there
    Lotsa Love
    Big El (Elma ) xxxx

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    Default Hello Big El

    Sounds like you have a lot to celebrate on your trip. Hopefully we will run into you and Mr Big El during the overlap in our trips. We can normally be found lounging on the beach!

    John and Chrissie

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    Thanks for your replies. I am so looking forward to it, also experiencing the Jamacian culture. You'll know us, we'll probably have harley t shirts on at soem time, as i have just found out there is a dealership in Ochos Rios. See ya there El xxxxx

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    We will be there the 24th- the 31st!! We are first timers as well! I can't wait!

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