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    Default Has anyone been disappointed returning to the same resort?

    My husband and I went to CSA this year (first time in Jamaica) May 16-23 for our honeymoon and just loved it, I miss it a ton. Wished we could have stayed longer because we didn't get to do everything we wanted to, partly because it rained every afternoon. We are debating on whether to return to the same resort for our next vaca, try a different Couples resort, or go somewhere else we've never been, like Dominican Republic. We didn't do the trading places thing with CN, but wish we would have. We wanted to have the best vaca ever for our honeymoon, so we're afraid we'll be disappointed or bored returning to the same place again. We love how lush, laid-back, and romantic CSA was, loved the beach, and we love that it's couples only. I know some people on here have had the same concern and had an even better trip the 2nd time around, but I'm curious if anyone has been disappointed and why.

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    No, we weren't disappointed. The vast majority don't seem to be disappointed either. On rare occasions you'll see on this MB a repeater complaining that this or that changed (e.g. they moved this bartender around, that person is no longer at Couples, or, in the case of CSA, the differences with the new section), but that seems to be the exception.

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    We have been so disappointed in returning to the same resort (CTI) that we have been there in 2007, (missed 2008 for remodel), 2009, and just returned from our 2010 trip. We booked our 2011 trip about two months before we left for this year's trip. Each trip has been spectacular, yet unique in itself. Go back to CSA if you loved it so much. You will stil love it, but will find new things at the same time. AND, take the trading places with CN. We did that this year with CSS and it was so worth it. We went to CN about 8 years ago and loved it also.
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    Default Csa

    NO NO NO! My husband and I have been to CSA three times. We went to CN and then CSA last December. We love CSA so much that we were disappointed with CN and wanted to go to CSA sooner. The beach is wonderful, the food is better, and there are a lot more to do at CSA. I am glad we tried another Couples resort; but will be back at CSA again in December.
    Have you thought about going to Jamaica a different month? We go during the first two weeks of December. It rained one day (and only for a short time)- and that is one day out of the 21 we have been there.
    Please give CSA another chance. You will not be disappointed! Plus, you will be able to experience everything they have to offer.

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    you will like CSS

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    I would go to a Couples resort over DR. If you think you want to see a different area of the island, look at CSS or CTI.
    Irie Mon

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    We used to try someplace new every year for our island vacation until we found Couples & now that's the only place we want to go. We'd even been to Jamaica a few times before we found Couples & loved the island so much but we stayed at some other AI's (with no children). The we tried CSA & fell in love with it. The next year we didn't want to go to the exact same resort so soon for the same reasons that you've mentioned so we tried CN & LOVED it even more. We just keep going back to CN now & are never disappointed ........ It's PARADISE!!! We did go to CSS last May 2009 on the SR & liked it a lot too but CN is where we're headin' back to in September to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

    After saying all that ........ I'll sum it up .......... No - we have never been disappointed returning to CN over & over & we even want to go back to CSA again & know we will not be disappointed there. If you really would prefer trying something new ..... try CN like we did ........ something a little different but still Couples so no worries. You might even love it more than CSA like we did ........ you never know. Once you've found the perfect place for you, there's no need to keep looking in my opinion.

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    For us, returning time after time, is still exciting and full of adventure. Is being on the island an adventure? The very best analogy that I have used is, going to the same resort each time, is very much like going to a camp year after year. You look forward to seeing all the "kids", you can't wait to see your favorite "counsellors", your room doesn't require mosquito netting. We laugh just as much. We eat and drink way to much. Every part of our body, mind and spirit has been cleansed and rejuvenated. Life can now continue.

    Each time is, well, it's wonderful.

    131 and going down


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    We first visited CSA in January of 2008. We will be returning this coming January for visit number 4...that should tell you how "disappointed" we were with returning. Each visit is better than the last, didn't think that was possible, but it is. Now when we return, it feels like we are visiting family. It is so wonderful to be recognized and greeted by name. Friends and family can't understand why we keep going back to the same place, but my hubby sums it up this way..."sand, sun and blue water we can find in many places, the warmth and hospitality of the staff at CSA can't be found anywhere else!" Follow your heart, it will lead you "home".

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    Default csa

    We went to CSA in '07 for our honeymoon and had an incredible time. We did return in '08, and as much as we had a great time and saw many employees we remembered and remembered us, we did have a slightly disappointing time at the end. We had an atrium room again. The first time, we were right beside the wedding gazebo, and it was very quiet and tranquil. The second time, we had an atrium more right on the main path, so not so tranquil. Halfway through our vacation, we had a whole group move in, where one of the couples was getting married. They were unbelievably inconsiderate and rude, the night they arrived and especially the wedding afternoon/night. They got married in the gazebo and it wasn't the noise of the wedding (that's always lovely to see/watch), it was the catcalls/hoots/hollers/yells that went one for 3+ hours and continue some when they came back from later in the evening. We had one more day there after that, and we weren't sure what they day would hold. It's unfortunate when adults act like 18 years old at a party and ruin it for others. Would we go back -- absolutely -- but the ending left a bit of a bad taste in our mouths. In three weeks, we're back for a Secret Rendezvous, so we'll see where we go. Unlikely it will be CSA though. That 'ending experience' could happen anywhere, and it' wasn't the resort per se. Just my input.
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07, 08
    CTI '09
    CSS '10

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    Our first trip to CSA was in '05. This year was our fourth trip, just last month. We had such a great time on our first trip that we could not wait to return the next year. We had an equally great time on both the second and third trips, discovering new things and trying some things we did not have time for on our first visit.

    Our fourth trip was not until three years later, this June. While we were very anxious and excited to return to CSA I, like you, had some trepidation about whether it would live up to our memories and expectations. What I found was a somewhat different experience from our previous visits. While there were not as many new things to try, or that we even wanted to try, there was a comfort level that was not expected. I truly began to understand the Couples greeting of "welcome home". The exotic and adventurous sensations that we had experienced with out previous visits had been enhanced with a feeling of relaxation and familiarity, like being back home after a long absence. We knew more what to expect and what we were looking for in our vacation. We knew our way around, what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go for meals, drinks, fun, etc. We saw familiar faces in the staff, even after three years. We marveled at how the beach had recovered from the erosion that had occurred years ago and how impeccable and beautiful the grounds were. We spent half a day taking close up pictures of plants, flowers and even the sand on the beach. We walked down Seven Mile Beach towards Negril and interacted with the folks we passed, both Jamaicans and other travelers. We would look for the cats that seem to live on the grounds, apparently a mom and her kittens. We did not see them often, but when we did they were playing and hiding among the plants and buildings. We watched weddings on the beach, we met many newly weds and honeymooners. We became somewhat a novelty among the young folks as we were celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. The entire week was like a homecoming or even a family reunion of sorts. Very much like coming home.

    So, to answer your question. No. We were not, and have not, been disappointed. I do not believe that you would be disappointed either. However, do what your heart calls you to do. Not following your own heart will bring disappointment, regardless of where you go. If you decide to go somewhere else, wonderful. Have a great trip. But I will tell you this. At some point in time, down the road, you will want to return to CSA or one of the other Couples resorts. They are different enough from other resorts that they will carve out a unique place in your mind and heart that will call you back again at some point. You will miss the intimacy of the smallish size of Couples, the personal feel of the service and staff, the beauty of the beach and grounds and the absence of the large, plastic, commercial environment of many other resort properties.

    Think about it. Good luck with your decision and congratulations on your marriage.

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    We were a little. I remembered the grounds being a lot more lush and the plants being in bloom and just generally larger and healthier the first time. We went at the same time of year so I thought they would be in bloom again the second time. I think the first time you go there is also a wow factor that you can't duplicate because you know what to expect the second time around. Don't get me wrong, it was still beautiful and we loved it. We ended up doing different things the second time than the first so it was like a totally different resort. The first time we spent a lot of time on the beach and the second time we did more activities like scuba diving and snorkeling and spent barely any time on the beach. We are actually going back in Oct and am really looking forward to it.

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    We were, but that's because the 2nd time we went to CSA we had a hurricane come through the first night we were there. Our first trip was utterly magical, we LOVE the beach and water sports, that's why we fell in love with CSA and returned two years later. But that trip, the first night there, the outer bands of a hurricane trashed the beach and rendered it unusable for most of our trip, with most water sports closed . It was so terribly disappointing for us. We did what we could to make up for it with some pool time and spa time, but it just wasn't the same for us.

    This time, we're going to try CN, and not until January! We thought we were out of hurricane season mid-November, but that one got us, so now we are going WELL outside of hurricane season (fingers crossed!). And because I left so sad from CSA last time, like I said, we thought we'd try something new this time.

    I can't wait to go back, and I'm excited to see a different couples flavor!

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    Until we found Couples, we had never visited the same resort twice. We always said "There are just too many places to see to go to the same place twice." Couples changed our minds, we have been to CSA twice with trip #3 booked in 2011 and just returned from CSS (June '10). We love both locations and will return to both many times in the future. Think about the things you listed that you loved...We love how lush, laid-back, and romantic CSA was, loved the beach, and we love that it's couples only. ...none of those things are going to change - how could you not enjoy a future trip?

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    Once you go,you'll know! Home, again!

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    We were a little but I think it had a lot to do with the 1st time being our honeymoon and how everything went smoothly. I did feel that the staff was not quite as attentive (but out waiter doesn't work there anymore) I also was a bit miffed about being in the wrong room for the first night. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact it is a different feel the second time around.... your honeymoon is special and although it was not the same we still come back..we are already booked for next year.
    Erika & Sean

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    We did CN in '05, CSS in '07, and have to say we were disappointed when we returned to CN in '08. The service had gone downhill A LOT, and the entertainment staff was nowhere near as good as the last time. However, that being said, we wonder if it was because they were so busy with the anniversary party weekend stuff. We went back to CSS in '09 and had a wonderful time again. We are back to CSS in '10 and have booked CN again for '11 to give it one more shot. The diving there is better, and we enjoy the water sports staff there more too. Anybody can have an off day, so we are more than happy to give CN another chance.
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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    We have been to CN for the last five years in a row and have never been disappointed, we are somewhat leary of trying a different Couples for fear that we would be not as happy as we are with CN. Each year there are new people to meet and have fun with and you know where everything is and what the food will be like. You won't be dissapointed.
    Baxter & Luann

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    I would have to say that our disappointment usually stems more from the other guests than anything directly related to any of the resorts. Meaning that some trips we met people that we really bonded with and had a great time and others not so much!
    We've been to CN 3x, CSS 2x CSA and CTI once.
    And I'm sure we will return to at least 3 of them again.
    CN 2003, 2005, 2008, 2011 CSS 2006, 2007 CSA 2007, 2011 CTI 2009

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    No disappointment at all. In fact we felt more excited to be going back because we knew what to expect. It was a great sense of peacefulness to arrive and feel "home" again. No surprises and since we'd been before, we were able to immediately settle in instead of running around figuring out where things are and what to do. So I think it's even better the 2nd or 3rd or ??? time around.

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    Do NOT go to the Dominican Republic....Jamaica is SOoooo much better, and Couples outshines any resort, IMO.

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    We went to CSA for the 1st time last Christmas/New Years and have not even thought of going to any place other than CSA---returning April 2011. We know what to expect and had such a wonderful first experience that we are eagerly anticipating our return home---no worries

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    We were disappointed when CTI was undergoing the facelift and we COULDN'T come back...

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    We are headed back to CN for our 6th visit in 21 days, 6 hours, 14 mins and 57 secs, but who is counting. We love CN, there are things that have changed over the years, things that are different. The entertainment staff last year, was in my opinion a little distant, almost not really engaged with the guests. But that was not really a big deal to us, everything else was wonderful.

    My point here is that as long as you go back embracing the fact that there will be changes.

    I would also suggest staying away from the Domician Republic. We have been there and won't go back. There are several other islands that we have been to and will go back to, but that is not one of them.

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    We got married in 04 at CSA and are booked for our 4th trip to CSA in April. We tried CSS and while we had a great time, we LOVE CSA better. Like others have said, try a different Couples resort if you want a little change.I know I won't be trying the D.R. anytime soon.Once you have tried the best{COUPLES},nothing else compares! Good luck!

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