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    Default Has Anyone Done The "Grand Slam?"

    Just wondering if anyone has been to all 4 Couples Resorts. We have been to 3 and are debating whether to complete the "Grand Slam" this January with a trip to CN.
    Also, if you have done all 4, which is your favourite and why? Do you continue to go back to your favourite or mix it up?
    Just curious.


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    Yes, we've had the pleasure of staying @ all 4. And, love all 4 for their own personalities. However, CSA has our hearts. Ambiance, lay out, beach, and I guess just everything about CSA calls to us. Yes, we're spoiled. Going anywhere but CSA just doesn't seem natural to us any longer. Razzl

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    Default Grand Slam

    Yes, we have been to all four. We traveled to CSS in Dec. of 2006, CSA in 2007, CN in 2008 and CTI this past Dec. It is very hard to say which was our favorite and we would return to 3 out of 4. (CSA was not for us). As you have probably discovered each resort has it's own personality. I would not hesitate to try CN.
    We are traveling elsewhere this Dec. but plan to return to one of the Couples resorts in 2011; but have not decided on which one!

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    We've been to all four Couples Resorts for a total of 17 trips. CN is our favorite. We've stayed there 13 times with our last trip in March 2010. We have trip #14 planned for September 2010.

    The beach is fantastic; Bloody Bay's two-mile stretch of beach is the home to only four resorts, so there is much less traffic than there is on Long Bay. We prefer the Negril beaches to those in Ocho Rios.

    Of the four resorts, we think that the pool area at CN is the best, but that's just our opinion.

    We also like the layout of the resort. The pool, lobby, restaurants, and stores are located at the very center of the resort. Everything is therefore in close proximity, which makes it easy to handle multiple issues (restaurant or excursion bookings, buying more sunblock, etc.) without having to run from one end of the resort to the other.

    Are there people who haven't liked CN? Sure. There are people who like or dislike any of the four; there are people who have had great experiences at each of the four, and people who hated their vacations and will never return (a minority). You can have a good time at any of the resorts. You've been to three of the four resorts, so you know that each is unique. Arrive at CN with an open mind and avoid the temptation to compare CN to the others. Just relax and enjoy what CN has to offer and you won't be disappointed.
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    We have been to all four and don't have a favorite! We love the beach at CN and CSA, the hotel at CTI, the massage huts at CSS, Bayside at CTI, Seagrapes at CSA...

    We swap around and never go to the same one two years in a row. Last year it was CN, this year it's CTI!

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    yer come to CN IN JAN were getting wed there xx

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    We did CSA as our first trip to a Couples resort to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, and we were sold on wanting to become "Grand Slammers" or part of the 4 for 4 club. We are heading to CSS in November this year, and we just booked CTI for Nov. 2011, and will head to CN in 2012 to complete the tour.

    They say that when you are choosing one of the properties, to go with the one that calls out to you, and CSA was the one that called out to us immediately. Now having been there, we want to try the other three, not so much to establish a favourite, or to figure out which one is better then the others, but merely to be able to say we have been to all 4.

    We can't wait until November this year to visit CSS! Only 132 more days!

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    It really is amazing how different all of the resorts are and how some love one but not another. The great thing is that the service and food are consistent at all of them! We loved CSA, loved CSS and did not care for CTI. It wasn't a bad experience at all but just not our style. I am sure CN will be wonderful in its own way too!

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    We loved CN in 2008 but we are giving CSS a go in Sept!

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    Yes, we are members of the 4 for 4 club, my favorite is CSA and my husbands is CN,can you imagine we have different opinions????
    He really enjoyed the diving at CTI and we are hoping to return there in November.

    CSA 5x
    CN 3x
    CSS 1x
    CTI 1x--hopefully 2x soon!
    As a travel consultant I have come to the conclusion that you can never go wrong with any of the Couples Resorts!!!

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    I can't believe that no one has mentioned the "trading places" program that Couples offers...where you can spend a complimentary day at the neighbouring resort.. we did this our last CN trip and spent a day at CSA. Some might say that a day isn't enough time to get a good feel for a property(you don't have a room,and are back before the dinner service), but, we had a good enough impression of CSA to say that it is MORE romantic than CN, yet LESS social...Our CSS trip denied us a trip to CTI(during the renovation) or we could say we have tried all 4..I DO feel, however, that we have a good idea of what we like, and believe that all 4 resorts rock....yet CN is our perfect fit.
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    Default Ya Mon

    Going to CSS in December which will complete the "grand slam". CSA remains our favorite (to date). We have booked a one bedroom ocean suite, but deliberating on upgrading to a penthouse suite. Couples...there's no place like home...

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    I didn't consider the trading places as having "been there." We stayed at CSA and went to CN for a day but like others said, without a room or a dinner you really can't say how you would like it. When we went to CTI the trading places day to CSS did us in! We and another couple that we were travelling with went nuts when we saw CSS and within the first 10 minutes were doing the sales pitch to our husbands on moving. Needless to say, Couples looked after all of the arrangements and we were in our suites at CSS the next morning. CTI was good but once we saw what CSS had to offer we realized just how much we didn't like CTI.
    Now my big problem is with the hubby. He was spoiled with a split trip and thinks he might be bored at the same resort for 2 weeks! I smell a CN/CSA split coming up in January!

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