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    Default Secret Rendezvous

    We're finally booked -- and chose the Secret Rendezvous. We're away at a cottage right now, and will find out when we get back in a week where we go. I'm so excited and curious to find out where we go. We have been to CSA twice and think there are positives about any of the other three. We'd love to get Couples Negril, but think we'll get San Souci? Hubby thinks Tower Isle. I'm looking forward to finding out. Have a good day, all.

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    How exciting!! Keep us posted as to which resort you get

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    Default which one?

    It seems like CSS is the mot common. CN is one we'd like to visit so that would be cool, but I guess if we get one of the Ocho Rios ones it'd be interesting to see that side of the island. We'll see on the 27th -- so curious. :-)

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    From what I have seen over the years, I would say around 90% of the SR end up at one of the Ocho Rios properties.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unlvmike View Post
    from what i have seen over the years, i would say around 90% of the sr end up at one of the ocho rios properties.

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