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    I asked a question recently about what happens when you get off the plane in Jamaica because my wife and I have never flew into another country before. Had an overwhelming amount of responses and we appreciate that and now we have another question about customs.

    We take several dietary supplements and I am wondering how that will go. We do not want to leave them in our suitcase because we would be afraid of someone tampering with them (We’ve read a lot on here about people having things stolen from their suitcase) and we’re afraid of what might happen in customs if we just put them in our carry on.

    They are in their own bottles, but their just plain capsules so do any of you all see any possible problems from customs? Has any of you actually ran into this same scenario? Do they go through all your things?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your worring to much. No problem with any kind of pills as long as they are in their original containers and even if not. James puts all his in weekly pill boxes and never a problem. We carry all meds in my purse or a carry on never in checked luggage.
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    I had a bag of motrin in my carry-on. I remembered to bring them only after we locked our suitcases. I thought about this at the security area of the airport but was never questioned about them. My bags weren't searched in Jamaica while going through customs, I was only asked if I had any produce with me. I don't forsee a problem with carrying your supplements on the plane with you.

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    We carried all of our medications, prescription and over the counter, in our carry on. I also take some supplements, and my husband has several medications/inhalers that he takes. They never gave us any trouble. If they are personal, and not for someone else you won't have any problem. They never even asked us about them.

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    We have never seen anyone's luggage being searched. I think the only time this would happen is if the dogs smelled something suspicious (illegal drugs, for instance). As long as you keep all of your medications and supplements in their original bottles, you will have no problem.

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    Going through customs was a lot easier than I had expected - it was our first time a couple of weeks ago. The lady never looked up nor at our passports, just took the paper you complete on the plane and said next. You are routed like cattle through corridors and halls from one stop to the next. Once you make it through, a person greets you and ask you which resort and will point out to the far left the Couples Lounge where all the fun and excitement and relaxation begins - Enjoy your trip!

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    We have been a few times and also take supplements on our carry on... never had a problem...

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    Never had a problem with meds in our carry-on going or coming out of Jamaica. My only suggestion would be to not take a large amount of any one med with you. For example, if you have a bottle of 500, I would leave enough in the original container to get you through twice as long as you're going to actually be gone & leave the rest at home or buy smaller bottles of OTC meds to take. No need to be carrying a years supply with you. That's just my opinion & don't know that it matters really.

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    I take only what I need plus a couple extra in the RX. For my vitamins, they went in a weekly pill container. Motrin, ect. in original container, but smaller, not the large size I usually keep at home. We have had bags inspected with the random checks and never had a problem.

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