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    Default Booked CSA! Any pics?

    We got married at CN in April and just booked at CSA for our Anniversary next year!!! So excited! If anyone has pictures they'd like to share of the resort that would be awesome. We got the beachfront verandah suite but would love to see any pictures of the resort!

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    Here's some pics of CSA and CSS from our visit there this April


    Bart & Bug

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    Bart & Bug, we've reserved a Beachfront Suite for our visit in December. I've read many comments on the MB about how these suites are organized (one per floor with an atrium, two per floor where one has a wrap around balcony), but not sure which are accurate. Can you tell me how these were organized?

    Karen & Paul

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    Karen & Paul,

    BFS are arranged either with 4 suites (2 upstairs and down) or 3 suites (2 upstairs and 1 down). We were blessed to stay in the latter where the suites facing the beach are of the "wrap around" persuassion with the 2nd upstairs being smaller with a smaller balcony providing a view of the ocean. Unfortunately you're not able to request a building/room so it's the luck of the draw. Ours was the BFS building at the center of the resort, room 2235. Hope you enjoy your stay!!

    You're welcome,

    Eric & June
    (AKA Bart & Bug)

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    Bart and Bug. We noticed those suites in April and just loved them! Is room 2235 the larger one on the ground floor?

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    Check out tripadvisor. There are plenty of pictures there to see. I think a lot of people have trouble posting pictures on here.

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