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    Default couples lounge @ airport

    Hi there,

    We are booked to go on our honeymoon in September and when we booked we were told about a couples lounge that we went to when in the airport

    Has anyone been here, is it in the airport in Jamaica. Cant figure out why we would need to go there, surely you just get your bags and jump on the bus

    If anyone can advise that would be great!

    My aunty wants to book us into a lounge at Gatwick and just wanna make sure she wont be double booking!


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    The Couples lounge in the airport at Montego Bay is where you wait for the bus. When you arrive at the Montego Bay Airport, you must first go through immigration, collect your luggage and go through customs and then check in at the Couples lounge. The wait for the bus is usually no more than 15-30 minutes and you can enjoy a Red Stripe beer while you wait....ENJOY, no worries!!

    Here's a pic of the Couples lounge...
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    The couples lounge is in the airport. You will need to wait here (after you get your bags) if you plan to take the shuttle. Once everyone arrives that is supposed to be there, then you board the bus. Last time we went to couples we waited about 10 minutes in the lounge before boarding the bus. Hope this helps.

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    The lounge at the airport in Jamaica is where you will check in to get on your shuttle. The lounge serves Red Strip, Pepsi, and water while you wait for your shuttle. The wait is always less than 20 minutes. So yes, you will need to go to the Lounge in Jamaica, but your aunt can also book the Lounge in Gatwick for you.
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    It is in the airport. After you go through customs, proceed down the corridor and then look left when the area opens up. You will see this:

    You can't miss it!
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    The couples lounge is in the Montego Bay airport, we were there in May and we had to wait about 10 mins for our bus to be ready! We just sit in the lounge with some other couples and enjoyed Red Stripe and water!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by laura21 View Post
    . . . surely you just get your bags and jump on the bus.
    Where would you go to meet the bus? How would you ensure that you were on the right bus? Couples Resorts are not the only resorts in Jamaica, and there isn't a "bus" with a big Couples logo on it.

    After you pass through Immigration and Customs, you'll proceed to the Couples Lounge and check in with a staff member at the desk, who will in turn notify your particular resort that you have arrived. You'll be invited to enjoy a Red Stripe or two until your transport to the resort is ready.
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    Unless you intend to take & pay for your own transportation, you will need to go to the Lounge.

    The Couples Lounge is just after you exit Customs/Immigrations. As you arrive at the lounge you will be approached by a Couples Rep. They will take your bags and direct you to the registration desk. The desk will take down your information and direct you to correct transfer. While you are waiting for your transfer be sure to have complimentary Red Stripe, Soda or water.

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    The Couples lounge at the airport is where the magic begins! You do your initial check in there and are taken to your complimentary shuttle from there. You are able to relax for a few minutes (usually only about 15 - 20 minutes) and have a cold red stripe, water or soda prior to boarding the shuttle bus. Really the warmth and one of a kind hospitality of Couples begins at the airport lounge and you will need to check in with them and have your bags tagged prior to getting on the shuttle. ENJOY!

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    You have to check in at the couples lounge so they get you on the right bus to the resort.They serve Red Stripes and have a bathroom and you are usually on your bus in 15-20 minutes or so.Have fun!

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    You have to go to the lounge and check in so they can get you on a bus.

    After you get off the plane, you go directly to immigration (bring a pen so you can do the immigration form on the plane..oh and the earlier you get there the better..weekdays are the best time), then you go to baggage claim, then you go to customs (normally dosent take long). As soon as your through customs, your good. You come out of customs, take a L and its there. Normally several helping hands for your bags (they are Couples staff). All you do is wait about 20 mins max for the bus. In the mean time you check in in the lounge, and throw back a few.

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    Well if you want to get to t he right Couples and NOT pay for the bus or taxi you will go to the Couples lounge once you get through customs. You check in there and have a cold Red Stripe, bottle of water or a Pepsi, use the restroom and then your shuttle will be ready. Couples Shuttles only go to Couples Resorts. It is part of your package. There are a lot of shuttles and taxis taking people everywhere, so like I said if you want to end up in the right place go to the Couples Lounge when you arrive.

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    I also want to add that Couples does not have a departure lounge. But with the addtion and upgrades at the airport, there is plenty to do while you wait for your departing flight.

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    The Couples lounge at the airport is where you wait for the shuttle. More than likely you will have enough time for a Red Stripe or two before the shuttle is ready to leave. No worries - its a nice break after being on the flight and you can get to know some people.

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    It is just a waiting area to relax for a few min while the rest of people on your bus gather. The longest we have ever waited was 15 min there. Enough time to put some shorts on and grab a red stripe.

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    Default No worries, it's easy...

    Everyone taking the shuttle to Couples goes to the Couples lounge. You get off the plane, go through customs and immigration and get your bags (just follow everyone else through this process), and then after that process basically right in front of you there is a large room with all the resort lounges in it. Just head to the one that says "couples resorts" (turn left as you walk into the room with all the lounges, it's in the corner) and you will be home free!

    At the lounge, they verify your arrival, take care of your bags for you, and offer you a drink and a restroom break while you wait for the shuttle to get there to take you to the resort. You'll probably be waiting with several other couples, but not for long! The wait is usually only 15 minutes or so. Once the bus arrives you'll be on your way to couples!

    You do have to go through the lounge though, as this is the only way to be able to board the shuttle and they have to tag your baggage for you so it goes to the appropriate resort.

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    The lounge is where you let COuples know you've arrived. They will coral oyur bags, give you a cold beer, and allow you to sit and relax while they arrange the bus for you.

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    You go to the lounge because that is where you go to catch the shuttle to the resort. Which Couples resort are you going to?

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    After you go through customs, take a left and go to the Couples lounge where you can have a drink before jumping on the shuttle to the resort. Enjoy!

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    You go to the lounge to check in and go potty and have a drink if you want. Couples needs to know you are there before you can jump on a bus. You will enjoy the lounge, it's nice after traveling all day.

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    Its a small place you go while they are loading your bags up and to give you a few minutes to relax and have a drink or 3 prior to boarding the bus. I recommend it ;-)

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    Thats where you wait for the bus that takes you to the resort. It's not much of a lounge, but it's not supposed to be. You'll wait no more than a drink maybe two. It's a nice stop after a long flight.

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    The Couples Lounge is in the Montego Bay airport in Jamaica. It is where all Couples Resort guests check in. You have to go to the Couples lounge. You have to check in so you can get on the shuttle bus.

    The lounge has seating, a bar where you can get drinks, and a desk to check in (I think...we've never made it to the desk...usually they meet us in front of the lounge). It's really just a place to check in and relax until it's time to go to the shuttle. Wait times can vary. I don't think we've waited more than 15 minutes.

    To get to the lounge, Get through Immigration and Customs first, and then go through the hallway and go to the left. Different resorts have lounges for guests in this area. There's an airport employee near the entrance of that hallway directing people. Go to the Couples Lounge, check in with the wonderful staff and get a drink. When it's time, they will take you and your luggage to your shuttle bus and off you will go to your fabulous Couples vacation!

    Don't forget that although Couples is an all-inclusive, the shuttle drivers are not Couples employees and tips are very much appreciated.

    Enjoy your honeymoon!

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    Default couples lounge @ airport

    The Couples Lounge at the airport in Jamaica is where it all begins!! When you reach the lounge you know you've arrived and can start to enjoy the Couples experience!

    You check-in, they will be expecting you, and turn over your bags to the very helpful people. You will be offered a complimentary cold drink: Red Stripe, Pepsi or Ting, or spring water. Use the restroom if you need. In about 15-20 minutes you will be on an air-conditioned bus and on your way to your resort. It's about a 90 minute ride. You'll see some of the countryside, enjoy the ad lib commentary of your driver, and share the experiences of your fellow travelers - honeymooner's, first-timers, repeaters, the young and the young-at-heart.

    Enjoy the lounge; it's part of the package. My wife and I are looking forward to our 5th visit. It never gets old!

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    Once you get your luggage and clear customs you will go to the Couples lounge in the airport, there they will get the shuttle for you. The wait is usually no more then 5 mins. The great thing is that there is a restroom and a bar. You can get a cold Red Stripe while you are waiting for the shuttle. But trust me you will just have enough time to get your Red Stripe and they will be escorting you to your shuttle.

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