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    Default Road Construction???

    A couple of weeks ago, someone posted that there was road construction between Montego Bay and Negril, and that the ride was in the neighborhood of 5 hours or so to and from CN and CSA. Since then, I have not seen another posting regarding this. Is there anyone who has recently stayed at either CN or CSA who can elaborate on this?

    We leave for CSA in 24 days mon. Can't wait to be back home !!

    Thanks in advance =D

    Karen&Jason from Alabama

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    What you read was that, due to road construction, the resorts were scheduling departures to MBJ five hours before the time of the departing flight. Before road construction, the Negril resorts usually scheduled guests to depart four hours before the scheduled time of their departing flight. The ride back to the airport doesn't take that long, but they try to get you to the airport two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. Road construction has caused travel delays, so the departure time was made an hour earlier to ensure that guests weren't hindered by any delays attributable to construction.
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    I just returned and no way it took that long. It took about 1.5 hours to get there and the same to get back. Our flight left at 230pm and they picked us up at 10am so that we would be there at least 3 hrs prior as that is what most airlines ask passengers to do.

    Security at the Mobay airport now is much stricter than say last spring due the that idiot that got on a Canadian carrier with a gun. So now the time to get through security takes a while longer (about 30-45 minutes for us).

    Hope you have fun!! I know we did...

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    Default we will be there too!

    Hey just wanted to say hi! My husband and I will also be at CSA. We arrive on the 29th of july and are there till the 5th of aug. Hope to see you there!

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    The construction outside MoBay on Manley Avenue toward Negril is ongoing. As of a short while ago it did get somewhat slow as they closed a section of the road and had the traffic detour into the water treatment facilty and out the other end to circumvent some of the construction area.
    If things slow down in Lucea (as they often do) it is still 80 to 100 minutes most days.
    Best of luck!

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