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    Default A really scary thought

    We're booked for our 9th visit to SweptAway - and our 9th time in an Atrium Suite. Now that the Garden units have been upgraded and are more expensive than the atriums, I'm terrified that we could possibly be "upgraded" from our beloved atrium into one of the garden units up by the highway. Also...when we booked this upcoming stay, we paid the rate for the lowest category (which at that time was the garden unit) and were given the upgrade to the atrium (the next category up.) Now, with the atrium units being the lowest priced units, the complimentary upgrade would be (gasp) to the garden suite. Please...somebody...tell me I'm worrying for nothing.

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    I would e mail the resort directly or call couples on the 1800 number and explain the situation. They are usually very accommodating and at worst would put the request for the atrium room on your reservation.

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    I've never been offered an upgrade, but I would think that you would be able to decline it if you so desired.
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    TopSpin - Same concern. For us, a Garden room in old or new section is not an upgrade for booking an Atrium. We booked just as you for our next trip at the Garden lowest rate auto-upgraded to an Atrium. We book the atrium because of the large porch with hammock and the building layout. For these reasons, the only upgrade for us would be to a Beachfront Suite. Swept Away seems to be mostly full year round so my guess is...not many upgrades are being offered and therefore you/we should not worry. I have no proof of this but the message board posts don't indicate any differently. I honestly don't expect an upgrade no matter my Romance Rewards Level or # of trips to Couples, I really wish this "perk" would be removed and you get what you book or if there's a "better" room available then they give that option to the guest's with the most previous stays. I assume this is what actually happens but sometimes listing such things as "free" extras can cause people to have high expectations or in this case scary ones.....Just a thought Randy. I will close by saying, I do not want Atrium prices to rise but will admit I was shocked when the Atrium became the lowest booking category.

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    You could always just politely decline the upgrade and ask for an atrium. I am sure they will accommodate.

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    I believe that that deal you are talking about was and "upgrade" in that they just charged you a lower price. Since you booked the room you want you should not have to worry. They were really specific about booking the room you want, not the lower category and then expecting to be upgraded. The word "upgrade" was really just a gimmick, not an actual upgrade. They called it an upgrade because the sale price they gave you was the cost of the lower room. I really wouldn't worry. If they tried to give you a romance rewards upgrade I would politely decline. I am with you 100%. We love the atrium rooms and the garden or anything in the new section would be a downgrade to us too.

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