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    I want to apologize for posting this on the main message board. I do know that there is a wedding board but it seems like there are only soon-to-be brides on the board and I need some past brides help
    Has anyone used the wedding videographer at CSA? How was the quality? What did they shoot? How long did it take to get the DVD back? We want to use it at our reception which is two weeks after our wedding. If you have link to it, I would love to see it! Thanks!

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    My husband and I got married this past Sept at CSA and used the videographer. I don't have a link to it and currently a family member out of town has it. I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out. I had the video in hand before I returned home, along with all the wedding pics as well. The video incorporated the 4 or 5 songs which I had brought for the wedding ceremony, which i recommend bringing your own also. The intro, was of a beautiful sunset in negril and then of course they did the ceremony, the cake cutting ceremony and random shots they got while recording the video throughout the whole process. I deffinately recommend geting the video. Of course, it wasn't the quality of a highly profesional videographer from the states but it was alot better than one of us recording it ourselves, that's forsure!!! Everytime we watch it, it brings back all the wondeful memories! We loved couples so much we are going back for our first annivesary!! You will deffiantely not be disappointed! I upgraded to have the flowers on the archway and on the bamboo posts, that did make a big difference from the weddings I saw that didn't have it. Good luck with your planning!!!

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    We didn't get our wedding taped due to the quality of the videos that we have seen; however, because it was just my husband and I we regret not having any video to show our family. It wasn't something I really thought of and was put off by the quality, but we really regret not doing it.

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    Well i must say all of us cherished the most romantic and if not most important scene in our lives. To be in front of the altar and say our vows for our partner in front of a lot of people. And i guess this thing should be remembered for the rest of our lives. Thats Cinchwedding offers a lot of choices for wedding videographer to taped all those moments.

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    If my house was on fire, it would be the first thing I'd grab (besides my fur babies and hubby of course) ! We got married in 04 and so glad we spent the money. I brought 4 songs snd they used them perfectly. It's about 20 minutes long starting with a sunset shot, flowers and kind of cheesey graphics but we love it. Then the ceremony, certificate signing, cake and bubbly and shots on the beach. He also used still photos. I blubber every time I watch it. It was perfect

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