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    Default My honeymoon is becoming a disaster :(

    So this is going to be my first time to Jamaica and the first time to Couples.

    I want to say that my Fiance and I are very excited to go to CTI in September for our Honeymoon, but we just encountered a problem.

    I booked our package deal from the site on March because I figured waiting until the last minute was a bad idea.

    The airline called last week and said my flight time was changed and to call, so I did.

    The lady on the phone gave me new times and I said... No biggy. She then said she would start from the flight out. She started to give me the date, and when I told her that was incorrect, she told me that was the problem.

    My flight had been pushed up a day earlier. Fine and dandy if I wasn't getting married that day. I told her I cant fly out cause I am getting married and that's why I chose the day after. She told me the only other flight out was 3 days after.

    I asked her about canceling and she said that the resort could do that. I told her I would check on another airline.

    Called Couples and they told me I needed to call the airline. They said they could cancel, but not refund me since it was the airlines fault. Garfield was very nice and seemed to know exactly what I should do. He said to call the airline back and ask how they would refund me.

    Called the airline back and she said that I need to call the place that books through couples which was Cardinal. I didn't book through a travel agency online, but she said when I booked the flight and the hotel on the site, they must use someone to do both. The thing is they say travel America when you call.

    She gave me a number of 770-62-1814 which I called yesterday, and I had to leave a message. I tried 3 different departments and got no one. I figured since it being July 5th i'll call on Tuesday. Just called since no one has returned my call, and I got the same thing. Ring...Ring...Ring.......please leave a message.

    I have this feeling that even though they have like 9 departments when you listen, that only one person is running the joint. It's pretty sad when you cant even wait on the line for the next operator. Maybe there isn't one, who knows.

    My concern is that if no one calls back and I cant get through, how am I supposed to fix this problem? My only other thought it to call Couples back tomorrow if the other place doesn't call and try to connect me to someone.

    I have GOT to cancel this flight, get reimbursed, then book another flight. This is all becoming a headache.

    If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Playing phone tag is getting old.


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    I guess I'll take a crack at an idea, not sure if it will work buuut... move your Couples vacation to 3 days after your wedding? You said the airlines had a flight 3 days later, correct? I'm pretty sure couples will move the date for you, no problem, and then you wouldn't have to worry about cancelling.

    Otherwise... you didn't say when your wedding is (or maybe you did and I missed it) but if it's soon, then I would just book flights somewhere else on your original flight dates and that way you know you're getting to jamaica, and you can continue to play phone tag and try to get a refund secure in the knowledge that no matter what, you're going on your honeymoon.

    If you have lots of time before your wedding then I'd say just keep at 'em until the airlines pony up the money.

    Sorry, that's all I can come up with, hope it helps!

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    You should check your trip insurance, because they will likely be able to cover the cost of the airline tickets (depending on the company). We had an issue before with an airline going to St Lucia and all we had to do was go through our insurance and they dealt directly with the airline.
    Do you have the option to postpone your honeymoon by three days? Couples is usually pretty good about changing the hotel portion of your trip.

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    If it works out with your work schedule, why don't you take the flight a few days after and work with Couples to change your days...they're not always willing to do that but since you booked everything with them, they may be willing (weren't for us but the cost difference to switch was pretty large (at xmas time)).

    Hopefully you bought the insurance when you booked your trip...if you did, call Tripmate and they can help you with cancelling/moving your trip. They were pretty easy to work with when we had trouble this past winter with weather/baggage delays

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    Contact the airline directly and speak to someone in charge. I went through something similar a couple of years ago where the airline changed my flight after booking (went from a direct flight to one with a layover) and, although I booked online, I contacted the airline directly and worked it out directly with them. If they try to tell you that you have to do this through the resort I would ask to speak with someone in charge.

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    Could the airline you are booked thru look into another airline for you? They are the ones that canceled the flight, it seems like they should be the one to solve the problem. Try calling them and seeing if they can do that. Good luck. It sounds like something you don't want to deal with when you have an up coming marriage ceremony to think about. I'm pulling for you.

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    you might want to make an executivie decision and delagate this task to your future bride .. in a few short months you will be over whelmed by the number of executive decision she will make that happen to conflict with that sunday after noon in november when you plan on relaxing watching 6 hours of football and instead find yourself painting what used to be your game room . good luck on making it work worst case see if you can shift your land dates to match your flight

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    Just curious,,what airline?

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    If all else fails, we could leave 3 days after, but I am not changing things just because one airline messed up.

    I have spoken with Garfield at the resort and he said he was going to get in touch with Cardinal travel (who couples goes through) to let them know what is going on and that Air Tran changed my flight up one day (the day I am getting married) and that I need that canceled and refunded.

    I gave him another airline that will fly out the day I WANT to fly out. He said not to worry and it will all be taken care of. (Fingers crossed)

    Yes I am frustrated with the airline, but I found another one. The problem is that this so called Cardinal travel is IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of.

    It's like no one works for the company. I called 3x today and tried 3 different departments. Not ONE person answered, and you can't stay on hold. You have to leave a message. I tried that once and no one called back.

    What kind of lousy operation is this? Couples sounds too solid to be using a travel company like Cardinal. They need to fire them and go with someone else.

    It seems like no one works there, or if they do, they are asleep or it is one person who pretends to be a whole company.

    So now I am waiting for a call to see what they can find. My main thing is Air Tran needs to refund everything. I did get insurance, but I shouldn't have to use it for the airlines fault.

    If all else fails and I cant leave the day of the honeymoon, you bet your behind that my Fiance will be on the phone with Air Tran going all bridezilla for screwing up our honeymoon and making us choose another date.

    I'm sure they will be able to do something about it. If not, i'll never book Air Tran again.

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    If you booked this using a credit card they may be able to help you since this isn't the trip you originally booked and isn't to your liking. Contact them and see if you can dispute the charge and get your money back that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul & Sue from NY View Post
    Just curious,,what airline?
    Air Tran was the one that moved the flight up a day. Also, it wasn't even the flight into Jamaica. It was the connecting flight.

    @sherrynchuck... That may be another option, but I will wait until Garfield gets back to me as he says not to worry and they will take care of it and get in touch with the travel company.

    I hope they have better luck than I did, or have a direct line. I also think they are contacting Air Tran on my behalf.

    I should have asked Air Tran WHY they changed the date. Maybe I will if I have to call them again.

    So right now I am just waiting for a phone call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David&Mary View Post
    . . . . What kind of lousy operation is this? . . . .

    I'm sorry to hear about all the unwarranted angst you're experiencing. As if preparing for a wedding isn't stressful enough!

    Next time you book your trip to Couples (you will be back), book your reservation directly with Couples and your flight directly with the airline. If the airline cancels/changes your flight and can't give you a reasonable alternative, it will have to refund your money, and you'll then be free to book with another airline.

    If you haven't already done so, join the loyalty/frequent flyer program for whatever airline you fly. We fly frequently on Delta--formerly Northwest (my husband is at the platinum level, and I'm at the gold level). While people always complain about airline service, we get really good service as members of the airline's loyalty program whenever we experience a travel glitch.

    No matter what happens at the wedding (and something always happens) and no matter what happens en route to the resort, once you're there, let it all go. Relax and enjoy. Try a Salty Dog and ask the bartender to put it on Tommywommy's tab.

    Good luck to you.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Warning about Airtran....
    If you use another airline to fly to Atlanta and you're then switching to an Airtran flight, you'll have to collect your bags at baggage claim and then check back in at the Airtran ticket counter. They don't have reciprocal baggage-handling agreements with other airlines. Make sure you allow at least three hours in Atlanta for your connection.

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    So you are saying you booked your trip thru the couples sight including the air piece and the company that serviced the air portion is never reachable ? Wow not exactly a glowing review ... maybe that is why Pam mentiond to book your flight directly with the airline but why go thru that if couples offers a one stop solution .... Has anyone else experienced this type of gap in customer service ... it is clear based on the rave reviews Couples knows outstanding service. we are certainly taking this into consideration when we decide to book

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    Move it to three days after! Then you will have no stress. That next day after the wedding was a huge day anyway with opening presents etc.

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    Next time you book your trip to Couples (you will be back), book your reservation directly with Couples and your flight directly with the airline. If the airline cancels/changes your flight and can't give you a reasonable alternative, it will have to refund your money, and you'll then be free to book with another airline.

    Easier with a local travel agent. It's their job to fix these types of problems when they occur (and cancelling a flight for 4 days is rather unusual)

    If you haven't already done so, join the loyalty/frequent flyer program for whatever airline you fly. We fly frequently on Delta--(my husband is at the platinum level, and I'm at the gold level). ... we get really good service as members of the airline's loyalty program whenever we experience a travel glitch.

    It's great that you get really good service but it's because you are at a high level in their program, not simply because you joined. Without status in the program (and sometimes even with it) you're just another passenger.

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    Garfield fixed it, and I have a new flight. Air Tran is still the flight on the way back, but American is now the flight out of here.

    He did say the cost was cheaper and I would save $140. So I took it. Very close to my original except AA is the flight I am leaving on.

    kybluehen... Thanks. It seems we have a little over 4hrs in Atlanta before we return home, but we do not change airlines.

    American takes us to Jamaica and we fly from Jamaica back home all on Air Tran.

    marywillcomehard... Yep, I had no luck, and couples had to take care of it for me and send an email.

    It looks as everything is fine now and in the headache of all the flight is cheaper. Now I have to wait to see if my CC gets refunded

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    Sorry to hear of you frustrations. No doubt the last thing you needed to worry about right now. I hope it is all resolved for you!
    If you booked through the Couples website, it seems to me that Couples needs to resolve it for you. You shouldn't have to chase down the booking company or the airline, IMO.
    I believe this is a good example of why it's best to use a reputable independent travel agent. A good agent will take this problem from you and fix it. At a minimum, they will make the calls and do the legwork and spell out your options for you.
    Keep calling Couples, and ask for a supervisor if the person says they can't help you. I've always found Couples to be a great organization and I suspect they'll get this right for you in the end.

    Good luck, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

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    use a local travel agent!!!!

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