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    We will be at CSS next Friday, YEA. Can we cash travel's checks right at Couples? We do not usually carry them but just charge what we want to purchase and pay when we get home. But sometimes the shops will give a better price if you are paying in cash. Any info would be appreciated.

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    Yes you can cash travellers checks at the resort but you will have to pay a fee. Also all of couples resorts are now cashless so you will still have to charge all purchases to your room, and then at check out I think you are able to use cash. We don't use travellers checks because we don't like to pay the fee to change them over, instead we bring about $600 cash for a 14 night stay.

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    Does any one know how much the fee at the hotel is to cash travellers checks. We are getting married in July and had on bringing Travellers checks for our upgrades for the ceremony etc. do the banks charge a fee for cashing in the checks???

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