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    One of our favorite things about our stay at CSA 5 years ago was the awesome smelling aloe gel in our rooms. From reading on the boards, it seems like this may not be offered anymore. Can a recent returnee give me the run down of exactly what is included? We don't like to travel with tons of bottles of soaps, etc. if not necessary. (hubby isn't picky and I have a pixie cut = low maintenance)


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    We were at CN and CSA just before Christmas 2010. The shampoo/conditioner and shower gel are now in pump containers attached to the wall in the shower/tub unit, and the aloe is in a small bottle on the bathroom sink counter but I found that the aloe smelled mostly of alcohol, and wasn't that lovely aloe gel that I expected. Don't know how much aloe there really was in it. I'm bringing my own next trip. lol

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    I have short hair as well but we do bring our own shampoo and conditioner. I do not remember get aloe on our last 3 visits (CN and CSA)but it was a staple in previous visits.

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    We were at CSA in January. The aloe gel is still there in travel size bottles. The body lotion, shampoo/conditioner, and shower gel are still available, but are in refillable containers on the walls.

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    Just got back from CN on February 28th. No aloe of any kind in the room and we were in one of the suites. Missed it, but we had some from our trip last year with us and used it. Seems someone forgets his hairline has receded a bit and gets burnt there. The aloe feels so good on it.

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