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    Default horseback riding

    Has anyone done the horseback riding at CTI? This is on the top of my husband's list. Is it very far from the resort or nearby? TIA!

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    We've done the horseback riding and it is near the resort 5-10 minutes away. It's a blast and we think you'll love it!!!

    Bart & Bug

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    We did the plantation ride. It's about a 5 or so minute car ride from the resort to get to the place. They take you on some trails and you stop quite a bit for photo opportunities. There's a photographer that goes with you snapping pictures and at the end you can purchase a CD with photos for $15 dollars. Our CD also had a video of us riding.

    About halfway through you come to a farm where there are ostriches and you learn about the native plants, veggies and flowers of Jamaica. You get to sample coconut. Also, more photos. Then, it's back on the horse for the last part of the trip. Horseback riding was something I really wanted to do when we went to CTI. It's not something we'll do every time we're at CTI, but I'm glad we did it once!

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    See my post at the top of the message board.

    Couples Resorts

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