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    misdeb, serenity - our flight gets in about 12:30, so we will likely not be on the same shuttle ... as far as the AN island ... will see ... trying to work our courage up! SMILE Really really looking forward to coming home ... our first time at CTI! 9 more days!!!!
    Sarah (& Baxter)
    CN 2009; CTI 2010; CSS 2011;
    CN 2012; CTI 2013

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    Hey Sarahbax-

    That' ok, since you are going to get to CTI before us, you can save us a seat at the swim-up bar!

    Is this your first time to Couples?

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    misdeb - no, not our first time at Couples - we were at CN in March 2009 ... have had a looooooooong wait to come back! We loved CN - want to try all four properties, however. Twist my arm! Will save you a seat at the swim up bar! 8 days ... whoo hoo!!!
    Sarah (& Baxter)
    CN 2009; CTI 2010; CSS 2011;
    CN 2012; CTI 2013

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    Only 49 hours till we leave.It's killing me I don't think I've ever been this anxious in my's our first vacation ever.I couldn't think of a better place to get married.

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    This is going to be the slowest week!! pattiandmike, wish we would be there early enough to see your wedding. Have a fantastic wedding day!! See you soon!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    12days, 4hrs, 11min, 30sec......12 days too long!

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    I like to think of it as less than 17,000 minutes at this point... The number drops much faster.

    What time are you supposed to land?

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    Default Wow the time has flown by

    Just 5 days cant wait august 22-29th we will be the short couple cant wait to see everyone there.

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    We will be there ( first time) Aug.22-27. Young 40's couple!

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    My hubby Eric & I will be there August 25-September 2.

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    Only 4 days and counting......

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    We land @ 11:49am from Atlanta on delta airlines. Can not wait!!!

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    Andrea and Mickey...26th-2nd...first timers!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! Hope to meet some friends to make it even more amazing!

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    Andrea and Mickey...26th-2nd...first timers!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! Hope to meet some friends to make it even more amazing!

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    Hey John, that's our same flight!

    What time does your connection land? We usually have breakfast out in the E concourse food court before boarding, you can find us there. (The plane will go out of E concourse most likely) Worst case, we'll meet you at the gate. In the past we'd meet up with Tary and Betsy and Marty and Jason in the airport and have a FUN ride all the way to the resort. I was afraid it might be a boring trip this year. Now you can get the party started early with me.

    By my estimation 10d, 4h and 29m until we are in the front lobby!

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    Andreanmickey, we'll be there 28-5 meeting several friends from past trips. Hope to meet you guys as well! I'm sure you'll have a great time, we always have. Our first trip was a blast, there is so much to do we had to go back again... and again.. and again...

    Johnnrenee and I both have picutres of us (and our wives) posted on the Sept 1-15 thread. If you see any of us, please stop and say hello! Heck, I'll even buy you a drink We're easy to find; out on the island most of the day, drinking at the piano bar most of the evening...

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    Sherry & Hector
    Celebrating Hector's 40th birthday!
    Working up the nerve to go AN (possibly last day, but the consensus on the threads is to go Day 1)

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    we land at 853am....we will look for you guys! its been a year too long! andreanmickey, like JohnAmy said, you will find plenty of friends on the island. we will be there most the time! hope to see you there!!

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    Sherry and Hector,

    Do the island day 1. Wait until the end and you might end up sorry for missing out. If you turn out not liking it, no big deal. Have a couple of drinks, head over and have a couple of more. Give it 10 - 15 minutes and you'll likely notice that it is absolutely no big deal...

    Also, saw your post for tennis. My wife and I are similar in capability. The problem is our overlap is not going to be long enough. We will get in too late in the afternoon on the 28th to play...

    At any rate, Colin, the tennis pro there, gives lessons in the mornings, M-F, I believe. He is great! We work with him all week when we are there to get tuned up for our fall season. I think it starts at 8:00 which is a little tough but it gets our day moving and sweats out all of the previous day's food and drinks. Makes you feel not so guilty for lounging and eating the rest of day...

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    mevans4876 July 31 - Aug 7
    adam&britt 1 8
    windsorgirl 1 - 8 (AN island - YES) - hubby's b'day on the 6th
    Sudey 2 - 9
    jumpman2382 2 - 9 9 (honeymoon)
    Saphire5188 3-10 (AN island - YES)
    Brit&Rob786 4 - 15
    txbikercouple 5 - 12 (Island - Yes)
    dondonntx 5 - 12 (Curits 41 and Donna 41 - AN island - YES)
    Marty and Joanne 6 - 20 (AN island - yes)
    txheaven 7 -12
    bob_bonnie - 7 - 22
    Coconut Cutie 7 - 15 (Drew 25 and Brandi 25) AN island - yes
    funnsunfor2 13-18
    meowh2o 14-22 (yes - island)
    MarkandStephanie 15 - 21
    Cheerpeanut 15 - 21
    T-Ramp 15 - 22
    Turtlegirl 16 - 22
    Fireun8 16 - 23 (honeymoon)
    NenaP 17 - 22
    ct ti fan 17 - 24
    pattiandmike 17- 24
    mrssoto 18 - 23
    misdeb 21 - 28
    freckles 21 - 28
    Serenity 21 - 28 (Bonnie 35 and Jaysin 29, island....we shall see!)
    Sarahbax 21 - 28
    MrHood 22 - 26
    Mctighth 22 - 29
    separk 22 - 29
    Futuremrsmartin 22 - 29
    TandJ 23 - 30 (AN Island - Yes)
    Zeeby 24 - Sept 7
    JamaicanMeCrazy825 25 - ?
    Johnnrenee 28 Sept 4 (Island - definetley yes)
    JohnAmy 28 Sept 5
    ash_fox_2005 29 Sept 4
    dschuchman 30 - Sept 5 - anniversary
    nkaye81 30 Sept 7
    Honeymoon 30 Sept 7

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    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REally, I'm almost done packing ALREADY, We'll see you all in the piano bar def...cause Mickey loves his Guinness, lol....6 more days =)

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    Less than 24 hours...I just printed out our boarding passes. CTI here we come!!!!

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