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    Default Planning a trip to CSA

    My wife and I are planning a 25th anniversary trip to CSA in June 2011. We have a question concerning the rooms. Are they cooled with a/c or just ceiling fans? If just with fans, do they stay cool? We both have difficulty sleeping if the room isn't cool.

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    I had the same concern because based on the description it seems like it is only cooled by a fan; however, reset assured that all rooms have A/C and a ceiling fan! The A/C works well but you need to keep all slats in your room closed or else it really fogs up. Enjoy, CSA is an amazing resort!

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    I agree that the language, "All rooms air conditioned with ceiling fan. . . ." is confusing. It should read, "All rooms are air conditioned and have a ceiling fan."
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    We just got back from CSA and absolutely loved it. We stayed in a garden suite, and had A/C and a ceiling fan. Also had a TV an minibar, so it was probably one of the recently renovated rooms.

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    They all have A/C and ceiling fans. Enjoy the cool night.

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    Hi Terry,
    No worries, mon! The rooms have wonderful, chilly, refreshing AC...and ceiling fans.
    You can set the temperature as chilly as you can stand!!
    Enjoy CSA, you'll love it!

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    We just got back from a week in paradise; the a/c plus fan combination kept the rooms plenty cool day or night and we were staying in the atrium suites (the rooms without glass on the windows). By the end of the trip we weren't even using the coolest settings on either!

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    You picked a great resort for your 25th. This is how we caught the Couples bug. We have been going back every year since. Book the beach front suite room category.

    Congratulations on your 25th.

    Life is good

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    Thanks for all the replies. Glad to hear that it has A/C. You are right Pamela the web site is a little confusing on this issue. Beach-bum, we actually are considering booking the beach front suite. And thanks, we can't wait to get there!

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