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    Going 2 cti sept. 23-28, 2010, need tips on what to do? Besides get 2 know my fiance' a little

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    I was new to cti as of last week & fell in love with the place. My new husband & i loved that the resort kept you busy & wasn't the party palace!! we went to dunn's river falls, which is a must do, snorkeling, catamaran, shopping trip,got married, scuba diving, couples massage, relaxed at the pool & then just ran out of days, i could have stayed at least 3 more weeks with no problem - at least!!!
    we brought our own mask & snorkels and had a good time just playing in the ocean, people will say you can't see much but we found it to be fun. but the snorkel trip on the boat is awesome & not to be missed. they also was offering a night trip for $$ that would have been fun too!
    enjoy you will have a great time

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