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    just got back from csa mary and I were more than happy with the whole csa experience. fun and relaxation were easy to come by. the staff was more than happy to make sure we were happy. can't wait to go home again. just one question i would love to have the recipe for the conch soup that was served as an appetizer.
    one last thing, to anyone who read trip advisor reviews mary and I never had any problem with bugs, mosquitos or any negative feelings about the staff. i would recommend csa to all of my friends

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    My husband and I were at CN last September. We met the head chef (can't remember his name right now) and my husband requested conch fritters for dinner that evening. He was in the military and lived in the Bahamas for a few years. What luck. He had them there alot and loved them. Well guess what - at dinner that night the waiter brought him a whole plate of them. He really enjoyed them and was very impress that they went to great lengths to get him what he wanted. Awsome place. You really feel special.

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    The chef was probably Stefan Spath who is now located at CTI.

    We are working of stealing him back to CN.


    1 1/2 conch meat (Lambie)
    1 Jamaican hot pepper
    1 tbsp. salt
    1 green banana, cut into pieces
    1 chyote
    Fresh thyme
    Black pepper
    1 West Indian yam
    3 scallions

    Boil conch meat until tender (2 hours). Pressure cooked (1 hour). When tender, add Jamaican hot pepper, green banana and chyote. Let boil for about 15 minutes, then add yam, scallions, salt, thyme and pepper to taste. Makes 4-6 servings.

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    Default konch soup

    Thank you. That is his name. I know you want him back in Negril but I am looking forward to seeing him again and enjoying the food. My husband and I go to CTI on September 25. YEAH

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    You CTI loyalist be real nice to Stefan or I'll have Ms Karen steal him back to CN in a heartbeat!

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