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    Default Walk to Cosmos from CN

    We have visited Negril several times and are going again this coming Feb to Couples Negril (first time to a Couples resort!). Just wondering if we can walk the beach from Couples Negril to Cosmos or not. I'm not sure we could get around the point where Hedo is. Anyone try this? Thanks

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    sledder a few options
    1) walk up bloody bay cut thru gln and then go across drive to hedo and tell them you are staying next door give room number and inform them you ish to access long bay. they will escort you but only before sunset.
    2) walk out of cn to street and i am pretty sure there is a access " ally " from street between S and hedo. make left and presto cosmo soon come enjoy

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    Thanks for the info, we'll give that a try.

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