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    Default 99.9% sure it's CN - pics anyone?

    We are going to take a chance and book at CN, as opposed to CSS which we love. Having been to Jamaica 7 times in various types of resorts, we have loved every trip so I am sure that CN will satisfy.

    From what I can see, all the deluxe rooms are exactly the same except for location. The suites would be nice but out of our price range. There is close to a $500 difference in total for us to book a beachfront deluxe room to a garden one.

    Would love to see pics of the rooms and the resort in general if you guys would share your pics with us.

    Thanks so much.

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    If you are that sure, just book it! Try something new. You only live once.

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    We just returned from CN on June 25. We stayed in a deluxe beachfront room. We will be returning in the future, but will probably book the less expensive room. For one, we werent in the room very much, except for to sleep and get ready for meals. Secondly, the resort is small enough that you are not far removed from anything, no matter where your room is located. Our view was marginal, but it wasnt all that important. I personally would opt to save the money.

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    Default CN pics and video

    Hi Jamacaiandaisy,

    CN is a magical place. You can't go wrong with your choice. But, just in case you need a little convincing, here's a video I did of our vacation last December, and some photos of CN.

    Just to give you an idea of the friendships you can form there, the Brit couple in this video, whom we met at CN several years ago, is at our house right now, and we're going on a "Wild America" car vacation with them tomorrow. We're driving them across South Dakota, the Badlands, Black Hills, and through Cody and Yellowstone, on our way to their neice's house in Calgary. We'll hit the end of the Calgary Stampede, then leave them there and head home.

    You'll really enjoy yourselves at CN.


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    Beergirl, thanks for the video and the photos, it looked like you were the only ones there for most of the pics, which is something that I love about CN, even when it is full it does not feel that way.

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    In my opinion, the beachfront didn't seem to be very beachfront and in the future would just stick to garden rooms at CN. As to the extra distance from the garden rooms to the beach, I doubt you'd even notice it.

    If you go to CSA in the future, there I would be willing to splurge for the beachfront rooms as there was more of a difference.

    Headed to CSS for the first time in a month and cannot wait!

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    Hi Beergirl,
    Excellent photo journey that you have made -- makes me homesick. We have another 146 days before we return to Jamaica and will be staying at CSS for the first time.

    On our last visit (April of this year) we were at CN (our second time). We had booked Deluxe Beachfront but when we arrived, they said we had been upgraded to Garden Suite. While that did not sound like an upgrade, we agreed to check it out and they said if we prefered the Deluxe breachfront, they would provide that. We immediately loved the Garden Suite and have booked that for next year. It was like being in a treehouse and we had some view of the beach.

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    Thanks sooo much for sharing that...
    yes, we have made our choice for sure now.

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    Check out tripadvisor. There are a lot of pictures there.

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