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    Default 8 days until CSS

    My fiance and I are getting married on July 10 and leave for our honeymoon to CSS on July 12 - I think we are both more excited for the honeymoon than the actual wedding....its been awhile since we have been on vacation and are looking forward to some quality time away. On that note - what would you suggest as a "must do" activity while we are there? Any specific excursion that we should attempt? Any drink that is a must try? Any restaurant or meal that specifically sticks out in your mind?

    Also, my fiance would love to try cliff diving - has anyone done this while in Jamaica?

    Thanks so much!

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    You will be @ CSS and the Cliff Diving is done from the Cliffs in Negril. A bit far to do on a day trip from Ocho Rios

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    Be sure and try the "Miami Vice" drink. Cool, refreshing and definitely a beach resort drink.
    Take some of your "honeymoon" funds and book a dinner on the beach. What a great experience.
    We just returned from CSS a couple of months ago and are anxious to return.
    Enjoy your honeymoon!!!
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    Congratulations. Our wedding was on the 10th of July also. (29 years ago). We are going back home on the 14th for our anniversary. (couldn't get away sooner). You're gonna have a blast. As for the excursions, you get Dunns River Falls included. All the rest you have to pay for. We've done the horseback riding on the plantation, and Chukka Zip Line, both great trips. This time we are doing the Dune Buggy Trip. You can use the search link above and type in "excursions" and every post with that word will pop up. Other members will give you great advice and ideas also. Just take it all in and choose what fits you. We will see you there, probably at SSB. I'll be the middle aged guy with a Van Dike.

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    Congratulations on your wedding!

    I think you'll love CSS. As was stated, Dunn's Rivers Falls is on the "must do" list. Check with the front desk to find a day when there are no cruise ships in port, as it will be far less hectic. And unless you want to get mobbed by vendors, "sneak" out via the entrance to avoid being herded through the so-called craft village.

    Unless you're absolutely, 100 percent opposed, try the A/N beach early. If you find it's not for you, there's nothing lost, but it's a great facility, and many people express regret that they didn't go sooner in their trip and "missed out," while almost no one has said they were terribly sorry they tried it in the first place.

    If you're interested in off-site excursions, stop by the lobby. They have lots of information on pretty much everything that's available and can tell you about specials that the various companies might be running. There will also likely be brochures in your room somewhere in a drawer. (We did the dolphin swim and loved it.)

    As far as on-site activities, while I wouldn't think you'd have to pack everything in at the beginning of your trip, I would suggest not waiting until the very last minute, since things can book up, and the weather is never predictable.

    You may want to do the resort tour. Yes, you may feel like a bit of a "dork" traipsing in a very obvious group through the resort, but it sure beats getting lost in the "old section" of the resort at night for an hour, as my husband did (he refused to take the tour; I had been to the resort in pre-Couples days and knew the layout).

    Other than that, just relax and enjoy! Take walks, feed Crackers (the misogynist bird), drink lots of water along with your alcoholic beverage(s) of choice, use way more sunscreen than you think necessary and try anything that even remotely catches your fancy on a menu or buffet - you can worry about the diet later if necessary.

    Oh, and upgrade your Couples massage to an hour.

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    the bamboo river raft was awsome they do not push it at the sales desk because it is not offered as a package, but we really enjoyed, it is very intimate, also the YS falls and rum tour was nice

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