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    Default Just Booked CCS June 2011 !!!!!

    Coming home again 22-27, 2011. Let the countdown begin. Any others booked for this time?

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    We just booked June 21-28 but at CN! We just left CN a few weeks ago and heading back in November for the hubby's 50th bday! Yahoooo!
    Dorothy & James - Delaware

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    My wife and I will be at CSS June 18-25. We can't wait. This will be our first trip to Jamaica.

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    CCS ? CSS is what I meant to say. Anyway, SSB and CSS see you in June.

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    You are soooo lucky.
    CSS is honestly my favourite spot on earth.

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    We just got back from four nights at the end of June, and have booked seven nights for next June 22-29, at CSS, we will also be on SSB, it is the best!

    Patrick and Diane

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    You're right. There is nothing like CSS or SSB. We had the time of our lives at CSS & SSB in early June. Only 11 more months. Hope to see yall there. We'll be the ones with the Red Stripes.

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