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    Does anyone have any idea what time we would be leaving the CSA if we have a flight out at 2:30 PM from MBJ?Also what time is checkout at CSA?

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    Our flight was at 2:30 and we left the resort at 10am.
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    Default Check out

    My husband & I just returned from CTI, and had a FANTASTIC time! Don't worry about the check out - at check in or the reservation table they gave me a paper to put down all our return flight info & return to them asap. They will then confirm your flight info & inform you when to have your bags ready at your door & what time your transportation will leave for the airport. You don't have to worry about a thing!! They have it all worked out. We stayed at CTI which is in Ocho Rios, a 45 min drive from the airport. Our airport transportation left at 8.30 that morning & our flight out was at 12 or 12.30... plenty of time to go through security.

    ENJOY - it was the best trip of our lives!! Can't wait to go back.

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    We left at 11 for a 330 flight so I would think you would leave earlier than that. When they give you the checkout sheet make sure to read it carefully! Ours had us leaving on the incorrect date. We told them about it but someone still came to pick up our bags on the wrong day and then they tried to turn the room over for someone else to move in later that day. On the day we were actually supposed to leave all the other bags were out on the steps in front but ours were not. We had to remind them we were leaving so they would get our bags from our room. Most of the time everything does go smoothly but don't take that for granted. Make sure to pay attention to the details like this.

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    We just left CSA this past Saturday. Our flight was at 2:50. We were to have our bags ready to go at 10am and the shuttle left at 11am.

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    You'll get the dreaded notice under your door a day or two before you are to depart. It will tell you when to be out front to get on the bus and when to leave your bags outside your door for the bellman to pick up. Anytime after you put your bags out, you can go down to the front desk and settle your bill for any spa charges etc... and still use the resort until time to get on the bus. Don't worry, they will take care of everything and give you plenty of notice of what is going on and where you should be etc...

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    Default ride from airport to CTI

    Really? Only 45 min from the airport to CTI? I heard it was like an hour and a half.

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    We had a 2:30 fllight and left CN at 11:45... everyone else left before 10:00. We flew Timair so we were able to get an extra 2-hours in the sun and sand. For us the extra money for the flight was worth it.


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