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    Default CN Suite or Deluxe

    My fiance and I are planning our wedding/honeymoon spring 2011. We haven't decided on whether or not to spend the extra money on a suite vs the deluxe. Were planning on getting a garden room based on other reviews. This is our first trip out of the states, and our first marriage. Also any tips on weather in April is appreciated- I heard the waters can be choppy and I am looking forward to snorkeling. So we may book earlier in March. Thanks!

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    Well, it all depends on your finances and what's important to you. Here's what you get with a suite:

    Much larger room. There is a wicker sectional sofa in addition to the bed and chair.

    HUGE bathroom with separate rainfall shower and jacuzzi tub. Lots and lots of room. Basically, the suite is the size of two rooms, and the suite bathroom is about 4x as big as in a regular room.

    Double-size balcony that includes a hammock. Personally, I love this. But, there are plenty of hammocks on the beach so you won't go without in a regular room.

    Evening canapes delivered to your room.

    Robes (these may be included in regular rooms as well -- I forget).

    Other than that, everything is the same. The oceanfront suites are closer to the water than the gardenview suites (which overlook the wedding gazebo).

    So, consider if the above is worth the extra money. We've stayed in everything from a gardenview room (lowest category) to a suite. All are great -- seriously. If it's your honeymoon, you may want to splurge for the suite. However, you don't spend a lot of time in your room and so, if money is an issue, go with the regular room and you'll still be happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelRose View Post
    . . . . This is . . . our first marriage . . . .
    Never refer to your marriage as your "first marriage." It makes it sound as if you're planning on a second.

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    Default Suite for sure

    We stay in the beachfront suite every time.. it's worth the extra cash. It's large and airy and the views from most are spectacular. While we do love spending time on the beach and out and about eating, drinking etc.. we love going back to our luxurious room and lazing about, when we've had too much sun, etc.
    Since this is your honeymoon I suspect you'll be wanting an awesome room to spend your time in, also!!
    Have a great time and congratulations!!

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    My husband and I visited CN for our honeymoon in 2006 and I was totally pleased with the Garden View Room we booked (the basic room). I've read now that since our visit, they've added robes, ipod docking stations, flat screen tvs and mini-bars to all the rooms! I am a total bathroom freak . . . I must have plenty of room to get ready and cannot stand the room getting humid. I remember the bathroom being plenty to my liking and surprised in fact that it was their basic room. The bedroom is nice and roomey as well with plenty of shelves and closet space to unpack and spread out. Why not use the money saved to stay an extra night? We're planning a return trip now and are def plan to book the same level of room as before.

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    Default congrats!!

    the best time to visit the carabean without doubt is jan ..we are getting married in jan 2011 in CN we booked basic room..i was told not to upgrade as we most prob would be given a free upgrade anyway as we are getting wed...march will be ok too not sure on april

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    No don't pay for a suite. We are leaving for our 5th time in 15 days and we always get the beachfront room. Our 2nd time there the staff upgraded us to a beachfront suite and it was great but not worth the extra money. My advise is to take the extra money you would spend on the suite and stay more days. All the suite gives you is a big bathroom and a hammock. You won't spend that much time in your room anyhow. Have Fun

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    We've been to Jamaica 3 times (all in April), twice on the Ochi side and once on the Negril. Your concern of the water being choppy in April is valid in Ochi but not in Negril. We were in CSA, right down the road from CN, and visited CN on a Trading Places pass, and were able to snorkel every day if we wanted. The water was great and so was the snorkeling!! We were so impressed with CN that we'll be there at the end of April 2011. Congrats and have a blessed wedding/honeymoon at CN!!

    Bart & Bug

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