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    Default September 2011 Anyone?

    I know it seems like an eternity but is anyone booked for September, 2011?

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    We are booked in for two weeks from September 10th 2011. Already counting the days......311

    See you there

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    we are booked also for two weeks in sept 11th.
    the dates are still flexible right now.....havent decided 100% but couples will let me change it easily.

    cant wait to go back
    CSA - 3/19/2008 -3/25/2008
    CSA - 11/4/2008 - 11/11/2008
    CSA - 10/7/2009 - 10/14/2009
    CSA - 10/10/2010 - 10/19/2010

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    Booked for 1 week September 11, 2011. Booked over 6 months ago during the special that included the $ 500 resort bonus. So looking forward to it, that I just booked a secret rendezvous for January , 2011 .... I just could not wait to get back to Jamaica.

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    Default September Can't Come Soon Enough

    We'll be at CSA September 14th through 21st for some much needed warmth and sun.

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    We just booked our honeymoon for August 29th thru the September 5th. We can't wait!!

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    We're looking at 1-2 weeks from end of Aug to beginning of Sept. never been to CSA before, gotta decide on a room too. LOVED CTI though.

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    We are booked for Sep 2-10. Our fifth visit.

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    Official dates of trip have changed. After our trip to CTI in January, I decided I would NEVER fly into Montego Bay Airport on a weekend ! Couples allowed us to change our date from September 11 to September 12 ( Monday ). An additional nice surprise - we saved a couple hundred dollars on airfare ! So CSA September 12 - 19 - YEH !

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    We will be returning home Sept 6th for another 9 nights in paradise. Third trip back for us and like others, can not wait!
    we are all here because we are not all there

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    Booked today for September 27 thru October 4. Third trip to Jamaica, second to CSA.

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    I just booked for September 16 to 25th. Our 6th trip back to CSA and 8th to Couples.

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    Just booked for Sept.15th-26th. 8th year in a row to Jamaica and 4th trip to couples. 2nd trip to CSA. Start the count down.

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    Just booked from Sept. 14 through that week. 2nd trip to CSA, first was our honeymoon in Sept. 2010.

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    Yes, we booked a five night stay from sept 11 to the 16th in the ocean verandah for our honeymoon!!! We have never been to couples before and are super exited for our first visit! We booked in sept. 2010 and the wait has not been easy!

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    Looks like September is shaping to have a bunch of great couples!

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    Back again September 19 - 29. Celebrating our 40th birthdays! Yikes!!

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    Newbie here - booked for 10 nights starting on Sept. 11

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    Justme, 389horton, FF204, asmos101, keith, kipper, amy41,lonnie-joanne, docholiday, looks like all your dates cross over our trip. We will see you there on the 12th. I can hardly wait.

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    Just booked Sept 21 for two weeks!!! We are looking forward to our second stay at CSA!

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    We booked our trip about a month ago. Because of work we didnt get much of a honeymoon-- we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary =)
    Sept 17- 24th. CANT WAIT FOR SOME SUN! (and drinks...)

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    Just booked our first trip Me 24 shes 23 we are going to CN sept 21 -28 hope to see some fun people to hang out and paty with

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    Default Getting Closer...

    Our official countdown has started. We can't wait to be back at CSA after a few years absence. Let's start posting some pictures so we might be able to spot one another on the beach.
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    Paul and Diana here. Is it time to go yet. Here's are pic.

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    OK, the September thread is getting way to far down the page. Where are all the Sept. people at. We still have a bit of a wait till its time to go, and the longer we wait the more days I want to add to our vacation. I have already added one more day and still have 5 more months. I think by the time we go I will have added an extra week.

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