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    Default Private Dinner @ CSS

    Couple of questions for anyone who wants to answer them.
    1) Is the private dinner worth it?
    2) How much does it cost?
    3) What's included

    Any information would be helpful. We're first timers and my wife said she really wants to do the Private Dinner!

    Thanks much!!

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    1) It's absolutely worth it. We did the private dinner in December on a friday night as we weren't a big fans of the Starlight gala. We were next to the spa and the mineral pool where the chess board is. It was fantastic!!!

    2) $150 us $170 us if you want the couples private label wine

    3) A quite, romantic dinner for 2, under the jamaican moon and stars and the best dinner we had all week (in my opinion). You have menus to choose from when you book it. They actually kinda combined them for us as we liked certain things from each menu. You are assigned a private waiter. Ours was wonderful, made sure that we had everything we wanted.

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    Yes its worth it. I did it 2 years ago on the gazebo. At this time I proposed to my wife. It was a candle lit dinner and was very romantic. Our waiter was great. They give you several menus to pick from you and you can mix it up with different items off different menus. I think the price is around $150.00. Well worth it. Your wife/gf will love you for it.

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    My husband and I did a private dinner at CN last summer and really enjoyed it. We chose to do it as we were traveling with our friends and thought it would be a nice way to have some alone time to celebrate our anniversary. We actually had signed up for the Forever Yours Package $269 which included fresh flowers, chilled sparkling wine in our room when we go there, the dinner, $100 towards the spa and $50 for the gift shop.

    We knew we were going to use the spa and gift shop money so this seemed to make the most sense. The full info is in the Romance Brochure.

    For our actual dinner, they had two menus to choose from, but they actually let us do a blend of both. They had special menus with our names on them that made for great souveniers. You have your own waiter/waitress and can pick what time of night you want to do it. They had the section of the beach with a candle lit path lined up for us which made it really romantic.

    Long and short -- we really enjoyed it, glad we did it, but probably won't bother spending money on this type of dinner next trip. I can't speak about CSS yet (first trip there in just 36 days), but at CSA & CN, the restaurants all had wonderful food and atmosphere and there isn't a need to spend the extra money if you don't want to.

    You can wait until you get there to decide as we didn't purchase ours until we arrived. Enjoy!!

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    We just returned from CSS in May. We had a private dinner on the beach. It was a terrific experience. Our waiter, Kinderoy, made it a very special thing for us. It was $150 but I think it may have increased to $175.
    Mike & Martha

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    Thanks everyone for the information. Sounds like it is definintely something we will be doing! Can't wait, only 200+ days before out vacation!! :-)

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