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    Default CN Beachfront Suite Vs Deluxe Beachfront

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm looking for some clarification on the differences between the Beachfront Suite and Deluxe Beachfront. Four years ago we honeymooned at CN in the BS. We loved our room! Now we are planning our return for our 5th Wedding Anniversary and looked at staying in the DB to save money. My husband loved sitting in the hammock on our balcony and watching the ocean. Will the DB have a hammock? And how will the ocean view be compared to the BS? Also, will the bathroom in the DB have a tub? Also, we stayed right next to the nude beach. We didn't mind, but which buildings are the best for each room? Finally, what are the chances of being upgraded when we arrive? Thanks for all your help! We are so excited to go back!!!

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    The BS are on the ends of buildings 1, 5, 6 and 9. We haven't stayed in a deluxe Beachfront but would assume they are in the same buildings just not right on the beach end as that is where the suites are located. The Deluxe rooms would be about 1/2 the size of the suites and would have a smaller bathroom without a tub. Only the Garden Suites and Beachfront suites have the hammocks so they would not be included with a DB.

    I cannot answer any of your view or better building questions but your changes of upgrade would definitely depend on when you go and the resort capacity at that time along with other factors. I would never count on being upgraded. If you really want a room category, book that category.

    Lastly, we stayed in a suite on our first trip. On the second trip we stayed in a standard room and were just as happy. Yes it was smaller but we really didn't spend all that much time in the room.

    Kurt and Angela
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