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    Default Becoming CSS Repeaters! Repeater's dinner ?

    My husband and I took our first trip to CSS last year for our honeymoon in October, and loved it more than there are words for! The whole time we were there, we talked about starting to save money for a 1st anniversary trip as soon as we got home. Well, this week we booked it! We are going back from 10/20 - 10/27.

    My question is: what night does CSS host its repeater's dinner? Who has been before and what is it like? I am SO EXCITED to go back!

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    Default CSS repeat guest dinner

    I agree about loving the Couples properties! I was hooked after my first trip. I looked on the activities list for CSS and could not find the day of the repeat guest dinner. I have been to the dinner at CN and CSA. They have amazing food and live entertainment. The dinners usually last a couple of hours (but it is well worth it). There is an hours of appetizers and drinks. Then everyone is seated; they make a few announcements and introduce the management staff; and then serve dinner. I always look foward to the repeat guest dinners.
    My husband and I don't want to travel anywhere else now that we have been to Couples. We are going on our 4th trip in December. Have fun!

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    CSS's repeater's dinner is on Thursday. Dinner is served in the meeting room next to the Palazzina restaurant. It's a chance to meet other repeaters and share stories while enjoying wonderful food made special just for repeat visitors. You'll also have a staff member at your table who will act as host so you can ask questions about what's happening to and around the resort while getting to know that person. They do have give aways also, but you have to know a few facts about CSS in order to win. It is very well worth it and not to be missed.

    Bart & Bug

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    LaurieandJason... The Repeater's Dinner at CSS is on Thursday night after the 6PM Manager's Cocktail party. We really enjoy it. You have a member of the staff sit at your table and you can discuss your likes and dislikes with them. I believe they served Surf and Turf but that may not always be the case. Every Repeater's dinner we have gone to has been an exceptional meal. You will enjoy it. It's great to meet and talk to other couples that have been to Couples before. And you can find out which resorts are their favorites. You may enjoy trying a different Couples in the future. We enjoy going back and forth between CSS and CN. We are leaving for CSS in 14 days and can't wait. Enjoy your trip back.

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    Thank you so much everyone! I think we are Couples lifers! We will continue to come back as long as we can afford it! We definately would like to try the other resorts, too, but just couldn't pass up returning to the most amazing spot we've ever been. I really appreciate your responses!

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