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    Default CSA Sunset Bar Trip

    Someone posted a thread awhile back regarding an excursion from CSA to a sunset bar @ the Caves resort. A few folks said they remembered it but not much detail as to when it was offered. I have looked @ the daily activity lists and do not see it listed anywhere. Does anyone know if this trip/activity is still offered, and if so on what days and times?

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    Hi Greanjac,
    I went through all of my information about activities at CSA and couldn't see a sunset bar trip listed either. However, when we were there in April there was a sign at the Watersports hut that had a phone number you could call to book a fishing trip or a sunset cruise. I expect both excurions would be at an additional cost. I'm not sure of the price because we didn't go and I didn't speak to anyone who had. The phone number is 957.4061

    Has anyone who has gone on either of these trip have any comments?

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    I posted the earlier thread, and never got a definite answer about whether this still happens, and when.

    But I'll be there in 11 days and find out for myself -- and I'll try to remember to come back and post the answer when I return.

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    I think you may be referring to the Rick's Cafe trip. We were just at CSA two weeks ago and although I'm sure you will get others who say it was a great time, us not so much. Yes it was beautiful, but the guys who jump were constantly hounding everyone for tips, even saying to the ladies, here give me your purse, really, about every two minutes I was asked to give money. We ended up taking a cab back early. I do understand that we are expected to tip, but I think they would have better luck if they weren't so pushy. If you go on the catamaran cruise, they stop by there for a couple minutes and you can see people jump for free. But, to each their own, so you may like it. Enjoy your stay you will love it!!

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    We went to Caves in February...well worth the trip

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    We were just there in June and they do not offer a trip to Rick's. They do offer a sunset cruise which was fun but they do not stop at Rick's anymore they just take you to the caves for a swim.

    I have to agree with others that I do not think Rick's is a big deal it is just a bar on a cliff. You can just off the cliff which I have done and it is fun but unless you are going to jump it is not worth the trip there in my opinion. They just charge more money as does Margaritaville than you should be paying and it is a bunch of tourists sitting around. So in the end it depends on if that appeals to you or not.

    We had more fun just hanging out at the hotels bars to be honest.

    You are going to have so much fun at CSA I am heartbroken our trip is already done and we have to wait until next year to go back... have a great time!!

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    In April they were still offering the sunset bar trip that you are talking about. It is not to Rick's and it is not at an additional cost. I can't remember which days it was offered though. Someone there right now might be able to tell you.

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    We were there last week and the catamaran cruise is a MUST!! I think it runs every day but Tuesday and Thursday. We went down to Rick's then back to the caves for a swim. It was definitely a highlight!
    Remember that the workers on the cruise aren't Couples employees, so tipping is a nice gesture.

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    I thought it took you to Pirates Cave or Cove. We were able to swim to the cave and climb up and jump off the cliff and swim back. Ricks was farther up the coast a bit.
    Will let you know in 30 days.

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    Just got back from CSA, and I can confirm that they do in fact offer a trip to The Sands at The Caves as a "Sunset Bar" excursion. You can sign up with the concierge. The trip leaves from the Tour Desk at the Great House, and is complimentary.

    It runs three days each week, Wednesday and Saturday for sure, and (if I'm remembering correctly), Tuesday.

    We left at around 5:00, took the 15 minute drive to The Sands, and then had around an hour and a half to hang out, watch Paul do his swan dive off the 33-foot perch (please tip him; he's great), do your own jumping, eat some jerk chicken, drink, and watch the sunset.

    It is what I imagine to be a VERY relaxed version of a trip to Rick's. It's a beautiful and peaceful setting, and the staff from The Caves is great. We left at around 6:45, but the driver will basically leave whenever everyone is ready to go (there were only six of us).

    I recommend you go, try the jerk chicken (it's $6), and take a leap of faith from 33 feet. But be warned, the longer you stand up there looking down, the harder it is to jump!

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    we went the last two times and were the only ones on the bus. LOL

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    zorbarick and zaraforty, thanks for the update,

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    Thank you as well. Looking forward to seeing the Sands. Will take some pics of it for everyone while there. T minus 8 days till.

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    Poconosmax, can't wait to see the pics. Is the Sands part of the caves or a separate business? Going to the race this weekend?

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    The bar on the cliff is part of the hotel, but they will not
    let you go into the hotel. We asked to see a room and they were
    booked. There is a path from the bar to hotel and security.

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    No Race for me. We have a Beer Store so will be here serving the masses that are going up to it all weekend. Usually non stop Untill Sunday at 1pm. Vacation the week after in my second home Negril....

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    You go Max Hope you have great weekend.

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