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    Default How do i get from the airport to csa?

    so i am hearing mixed answers about this question. some are saying that if you stay at any couples resorts they pick you up and drop you off for free. i am trying to book with expedia, and i dont see that being part of the deal anywhere? anyone have any clue about this? im not real sure about taking a taxi...eek!


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    The free shuttle is included. I booked through Expedia for our first trip to CSA. No worries!

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    I don't know where you're seeing "mixed answers." Information on this MB regarding transfers is accurate and consistent. No matter how you book your Couples vacation (i.e., directly with Couples or through a travel agent or on-line booking engine), transfers to the resort at the beginning of your vacation and back to the airport at your vacation's conclusion are included in the price of your reservation.

    After you pass through Immigration and then Customs, you'll enter a hallway and proceed to the left, where you'll find a large open area with lounges for various resorts. You can't miss the Couples Lounge. Go there, check in at the desk (make sure you've provided Couples with your arriving flight info ahead of time), then relax and enjoy a Red Stripe or two until they're ready to transport you to your resort.
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    It is part of the all inclusive for Couples. Once you clear immigration, claim your bags, go through customs. Then go out the doors and turn to the left. If you look up and to the left, you will see the Couples Lounge. There will be people standing just outside of customs asking if you need help. It's up to you, but it is a short walk to the Couples Lounge where they check in and they will take you bags. You can choose to keep your bags with you if you like. If they take them, when your shuttle is ready, they will load them on the bus. You can tip the baggage handler as they are not Couples employees as you would tip at home (typical is a $1/bag. While you wait in the lounge, you can have a Red Stripe, Water or Pepsi. They have a restroom. The wait is usually not more than 15-20 mins. Then you are on your way.

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    when you get to MBJ and get your luggage and make your way through customs TAKE A LEFT and there is the couples lounge....grab a beer and tell them you're going to's taken care of. Remember its ALL INCLUSIVE!
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    No worries....just let Couples know (email, phone call) when your flight is coming in and they will expect you at the Couples Lounge to board the bus to the resort. You tip the baggage handlers and the driver, that's all.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Yes... the resport will have your reservation and have you on a list for the shuttle at the Couples Lounge at the airport. Once you book you can always call the resport to confirm your reservation and transportation which may give you a piece of mind. Just keep in mind that the shuttle drivers are not Couples employees so they can be tipped.

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    roundtrip airport transfer is included in their rates. Look for the Couples lounge in the terminal.

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    Yes, this is included. Once you've been through immigration and customs at MBJ, just head to the Couples lounge. They will transport you to your destination.

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    Like the others said, we tip 1 dollar per bag and then to the driver,10 dollars per person as they are driving you to paradise and have your life in their hands. Have a blast!

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    After clearing customs and immigration go thru the door on the left and the Couples lounge is on the rear wall left corner. Go there give them your name, they will sign you in, take your bags ,tell you when the shuttle leaves ,then go grab a red stripe and relax. Tip the AIRPORT baggage porter a couple bucks per bag and the driver about ten or so each way.

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    We booked through Costco Travel, so do we need to email or call CSA that we are arriving this Sunday. Don't want to get stuck at the airport. What is a normal tip to the shuttle driver? Could you tell this is our first time....rookie questions.

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    I booked through Expedia too and never had to contact Couples at all. They were there waiting for us at the Couples Lounge with a big smile and a cold beer!
    With your Expedia confirmation, it's all taken care of. Check your paperwork and you'll see that it's all there -- the checkin and checkout dates with your confirmation number. No problem mon!

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    No real need to contact Couples before you go. If you have made a reservation, they will have it. Just check in at the lounge, they will have your name on the list of that days arrivals. They will put you and your luggage on the bus to CSA, or to which ever Couples you are staying.

    Tip the baggage handler at the airport a couple of bucks or a fiver, the bus driver at least ten when you arrive at CSA. No tipping again till you go back to the airport (other than optional massages, cat cruise or off site water sports stuff).

    Have a great trip!

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    How long of a bus ride is it from Airport to CSA ???
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    About 1 1/2 hours, depending upon your bus driver.

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    Hour and a half give or take, depending on weather, traffic (vehicular and goat) and whether your group decides to stop mid-way for restroom and refreshments.

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