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    Default Catamaran Cruise- CN

    We were wondering how much the Catamaran Cruise costs from CN. We will be arriving on July 3 and CAN'T WAIT! Thanks for your help!

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    Default Cruise...

    Nothing... It's "AI", part of the deal.

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    It costs nothing extra. It's one of the many things included in the price of your reservation.
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    When we were there it didn't cost anything. But bring cash with you because they have some things for sale on the boat you might be interested in purchasing.

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    nothing, it's included. you just go to watersports and sign up

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    Nothing - cool huh?


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    As others have additional cost for the cruise. Tips are perfectly acceptable since the crew of the boat are NOT Couples' employees.
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    It's free, but please tip the crew and bartender as they are not Couples Employees. And if you are lucky enough to get Rasta Ralph for your "aquatic entertainment facilitator " you really should pick up a CD or hand drum from him as well. Ralph is a great guy and he really adds so much to the cruise.
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    You also may want to take a few $$ to tip the crew, which is allowed since they are not Couples employees.

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    I know it's what you want to give, but approximately what would be an appropriate tip?

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