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    Default Cell phone at CN?

    Hey~~~ with 4 kids at home , with the grandparents we were just wondering,if any cell phone's worked and if so what is the service provider.....thanks

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    We have AT&T and friends have Verizon. Both had reception with no problems. Our friends had international plan through work. I just called AT&T and let them know we were going to be in Jamaica. I did not sign up for any plan and didn't have problems using the phone. I would recommended that you use the internet cafe for daily messages and cell phone for you to call them to check in. Our friends were getting multiple texts and calls mostly dealing with he said/he said and he did/he did. If you want to relax tell them emergencies only : ) These are teenage kids with typical arguments that didn't need to be told to mom and dad every hour. They finally said we'll call you around dinner time to check in.

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    I just was at CSA in the beginning of May, while we were there my50 year old in great physical shape and is a vegeterian sister-in-law/best friend had a heart attack(back home), I of course was beside my self and used my Verizon cell to stay in contact. I just got my bill and it was over $400.00!!!! So just be careful how long/how much you use it.

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    I took my verizon phone with me. It got reception well. I used it twice in 7 days to listen to voicemails and that was all. I did notify them that I will be in Jamaica so they turned something on for me for the week. I did not incur any additional charges. We used the computers there to make contact with anyone we needed to.

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    I have Verizon cell phone service. I contact customer service before we leave and set up international calling. It doesn't cost anything to have international calling, but the rate last Dec was 1.69 min. Didn't realize how much I talked to home and ended up with a HUGE bill. This trip I am leaving the hotel # and will check in by email. They do have computers there you can use for free. Better choice

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    FYI for those who have verizon I had a big bill too, but I called an got my bill lowered with a little haggeling. Take it for emergencies but I would recommend using the net cafe as it is free.
    Erika & Sean

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    We just got back from CN and have Verizon-still does not cost anything to set up international calling, just have to call the company to have it done---it costs $1.99 a min now to send or receive any calls and .50 to send and .05 to receive a text-regardless of the package you have with your cell phone. If you are bringing a laptop there was free wireless in our room and I could check facebook or email or anything else?

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    Yes, use the computer and skype, it is free.

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    I did call them, they lowered it about $70.00---the $400.00 was just for the roaming calls! I still had the basic charges, I think my total bill was over $500.00. I wish the damn things were never invented, isn't it just amazing that we got things done, business ran well and you did not have to yell at the person in the car in front of you to get off the phone and pay attention.

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    If you are going to bring a laptop you might want to open a skype account and call anywhere for about 2 cents a minute.

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