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    Default Water Shoes needed @ SS/SSB??

    Need some advice from experienced Sans Souci/SSB goers. I read a review that the Sans Souci beach area is rocky and they would recommend that people wear water shoes. Is this correct? I don't have super tender feet...but would hate to get any cuts or scrapes either. Opinions? Ladies, what kind of water shoes do you wear?

    39 days!! Woo hoo!!!

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    I heard and read the same on Trip advisor. I purchase my husbands and mine at Dick's. They were regular priced @ 22 and I got tthem for 10. I saw a nother type that actualyy you toes like up just like a glove. The bottom appeared a little slippery.

    any one with tips --- please respon Julu 1st is HERE
    bOB & bj

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    The beach itself isn't too bad, but you may want to bring some water shoes if you plan to walk in the water. There are plenty of shells and sharp rocks to annoy you. I've never brought any along, but we tend to stay up by the pool and bar, with only a couple trips to the ocean each day.

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    The beach itself is not rocky. The sand is more course than the beaches of Negril. The rocks which people have referred to is when entering the water. Their are rounded rocks which makes it more difficult to walk on. We have found after approx. 10-15 feet, you do get to areas that is sandy and fewer rocks. We did not take water shoes, but was careful until we made it to the sandy area. If you don't go into the water, there is no issue.

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    Every year we've been there the mouth of the river has a different entry into the ocean. Some years there's a sand bar, sometimes not. Jeffmon said one year before we arrived, the beach and river literally changed right before their eyes during a heavy rain. Some years the bottom of the ocean is rougher that others, for me.

    This will be our 5th visit this year. Susan is more of an ocean person than me. Last year she bought us some water shoes at Wal-Mart ($6.99) for the first time. I being the tender foot in the family liked them and will use them from now on, so I can go out and enjoy the ocean with her a little more often.

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    I don't think that water shoes are necessary for the water at SSB. It is slightly rocky for the first 10-12 feet but not bad then it clears up to nice sandy ocean floor. We haven't used water shoes there in our past three visits.
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    We were there last August and had water shoes (for Dunns), sandals, and flip flops. We went into the ocean at SSB a few times each day and never felt the need for anything on our feet. There are sections of small rocks, sections of sea weed, and sections of sand. We didn't see any sharp/jagged rocks when we were there. Maybe its because our beaches in the northwest are so bad, but we though the SSB conditions were pretty good. We are headed back again this August and plan to leave the water shoes at home. They don't take up much space though, so if you have water shoes/sandals it doesn't hurt to bring them along.

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    Thanks guys! I might see if I can find a pair to bring along...just in case! 38 days!!

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    ALWAYS better than flip flops...especially with all the stairs...

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    I think that it's better safe than sorry. If you bring them & don't use them, fine. If you don't bring them and find that you want them, you'll either end up going without, or buying some from the Gift Shop.

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