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    Default Rumrunners April 2011

    Well We have booked our April 2011 trip. We are making the leap for 10 days this time. we are arriving April 5-15 We miss all of our friends at CTI and and Staff... CAN"T WAIT TI GET HOME
    Larry and Denise

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    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW............. ...... you'll have at least two friends waiting to meet you in the lobby on the 5th of April. Can't wait!

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    Hey Scoop cant wait to see you all in april. let me throw this out there we are going to the nascar race in Dover in sept....why dont you guys join us the way denise had a not so good PET scan today of her thyroid. might be some kind of cancer....Miss you guys I will keep you posted

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    Email coming shortly Larry. I don't wanna discuss something that serious here......... wow. Have already started praying hard for Denise, and you. OK - off of here with me, straight to email. Love ya both!

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    Default April 4-10 2011

    Hello! my fiance and i will be at CTI April 4-10 2011 for our honeymoon and we are newbies!!! any advice from anyone or experiencse you would like to share?

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    my fiance and i will be there april 4-10 to CTI for our honeymoon and we are newbies! never been to jamaica! any advice or experiences you can share?

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    Default Welcome!

    Hey welcome and congrats on the upcoming marriage and trip to Couples! What can you expect? Wow - the time of your lives... for sure! You can expect smiles galore from faces everywhere, happy sounds of laughter, beautiful scenery (both gardens and ocean side), beautiful rooms, totally AWESOME drinks made by some really special people, fun activities (should you so choose), or just quiet moments with your special someone! There's so much more I could tell you, and I'd be happy to chat via email and send some photos if you're interested!

    But again - welcome to the Couples family, but more important - welcome to the RUM RUNNERS!

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    Default 212 days to go

    WOW seems like forever but almost under 200 days till we meet again. I am thinking about taking the secret rendevous for nov 9 -16 cant beat the price except we dont know where we will end up. this will cut the pain in half wait till you see Denise's will flip...I'll get it on asap.......Larry and Denise

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    Default Counting down the days

    Hey guys........... we're in "countdown" mode too - but I needed to hop on here and make an email change. To get ahold of me, please use:

    How's Denise doing Larry????

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