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    Default Arriving at CSA on Saturday July 3rd

    Wow, after over a year of anticipation, we are almost there!!! I have looked at every detail I can get my eyes on about CSA and Negril. We'll be there the 3rd through the 9th, the only night we wont be there is Friday, so I guess we miss the beach party. We've been to CTI, but that was 10 years ago and we're going with a couple who has never been to Jamaica. So excited abotu finally returning. Who else will there around this time?

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    We will be there! We will also arrive on July 3rd, and we are staying until the 11th! We are so excited!

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    We will be there on the 4th and leaving on the 11th!!! I'm so excited my bags have been packed and at the front door for two weeks!!!

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    We also arrive on the 3rd, but are heading to CTI, so maybe we will see you in the lounge. Our flight arrives from Atlanta at 10:32a.m. Have a great trip!

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    Well debbanks, I guess you are ready to go! LOL That's funny! Can't say I blame you though. We don't get to go until September and the wait is killing me. Hope you have a great trip.

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    We are going to be there the week of the 5th....Hope the hurricaine doesnt mess up our trip!

    Jeri and Marty

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    Won't be there unfortunately but wishing you a wonderful vacation. Love CSA... Razzl

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