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Thread: May 2011?

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    Default May 2011?

    I was trying to find a post that might be started for May 2011.
    We will be making our second visit to CN (FINALLY) It's going to be a long 10 months of waiting.

    We will be there 5/7-5/15

    Anyone else planning on that time?

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    We are planning our trip to CN on May 4-11, 2011. Haven't booked yet, but that is the date we have planned. We visited CTI 5 years ago and have been wanting to try the Negril since. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ill be there the 11-18.

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    perfect we shall see u than! 10 months seems like forever.........

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    We have it pinned down now to May 4-13. Very excited. This will be our 25th anniversary present to each other. The prices were too high during our anniversary in March, so we will just wait and celebrate in May! We will be traveling with another couple (my sister and brother in law)
    I think the count down is like 269 days...........Geez its gonna be a long winter, but waiting with a count down is 1/2 the fun!!!!!

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    We will be there from the 16th through the 25th. 8th visit.


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    We haven't booked yet, but are strongly considering CN in May 2011 for our 20th anniversary...we went to another resort in Negril for our honeymoon and have decided to try Couples this time. The anticipation of going is half the fun.

    K & P

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    We will be down there celebrating 24 yrs on the 9th. May 6th thru May 11th. 225 DAYS??? Hope it's a quick Winter! Gary and Shelly Graslaub, St. Charles Mo.

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    Hi Shellygirl...we are looking at the same time frame for our 20th...look forward to meeting you.
    K & P from CT.

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    Hi Shelly,

    Glad to see more people signing up for May. Looking forward to meeting up with all the May travelers. Yes, the count down has begun.

    K & P - When are you planning on traveling in May? Is it the beginning of the month?

    Cheryle & Barry

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    May 21-28 Chris and Keith from Las Vegas

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    We will be honeymooning down there May 23-30. John and Lisa from West Virginia!

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    May is an awesome time to go.
    We have been to CN 6 times and 4 of those were in May. We will be going to CN May 2011, just haven't picked a date yet.
    Our anniversary is on the 15th so some time around that.

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    We're hoping for the first or second week in May.....working on our schedules. We were going to wait until 2012 but the cold weather here in Ohio changed our minds!!

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    We'll be there the 15th - 21st! We are counting down the days until we are there... This will be our first time at CN, but we've been to CSS and CTI. We think this will be the best trip we've had yet!
    Hope to see ya'll there!
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    My wife Pandora and I will be there 4-30 to 5-7. Our 7th time to CN and our 13th time to Jamaica. Can't wait!

    "Just Me"... Joe D.

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    Default Yahooooooooooooooooo!!

    My wife is making the reservations as I type this. CN here we come...May 4-May 11!!!

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    Default May 14th - 19th

    Brian and Mendy from the 14th through the 19th. Just a short trip to tide us over until we go back to CN again in November. Have been to CSS and CSA. We are looking forward to finally seeing CN :-)

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    Dennis and Kim 8th trip May 14-24th
    bringing John and Kelly with us. 2nd trip for them.
    134 days.

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    We will be honeymooning May 9-16th and cant wait! Have never been before, but looking forward to SUN and meeting some fun people

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    Default May 2011

    Mike and Jean 5/12/11-5/22/11 this is our 10th stay at CN. Never stayed in may before hows the weather?

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    Mike and Amanda 7th or maybe 8th trip we think. May 14-19th. Got a group of friends meeting there. I apologize in advance(:

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    Quote Originally Posted by texasjamaicans View Post
    Mike and Amanda 7th or maybe 8th trip we think. May 14-19th. Got a group of friends meeting there. I apologize in advance(:
    Mike and Amanda, those are the same dates that we are going to be there. We usually go through Atlanta with Delta, but this time will be our first Continental flight, so we are going through Houston for the first time. Since your screen name indicates that you might be in Texas, do you happen to be flying the 9:05 AM flight on the 14th from Houston to MBJ? If so, we might be on the same plane.

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    April and Lee 14th-21st HONEYMOON can't wait first trip to CN for both of us!!!

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    Yes it is! 864 goes there, 863 comes home. Same times every year. We will be taking Tim air instead of the bus. Done the 2hr bus thing. 15 min tim air you're there. Can't wait (:

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