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    Just booked trip #5 to CSA for April 2011. Let the countdown begin!

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    My hubby booked #5 to CTI for July 2011 when they had their special in April. Yea!
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    Yeah Mon! We booked a week @ CSA a couple of weeks ago(#8 or is it 9?). April 16th 2011 seems so far away... (huge sigh) Razzl

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    Booked a week @ CSA April 16-23, 2011. Trip #3. Planning to renew our vows, of 38 years. Wife doesn't know yet,trying to keep it a surprise. My sister & her husband are planning to be there as well.

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    Trip #3 for us in April 2011.

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    We booked before June 30 to get the $500 in resort credits. We were just there in April and let me tell you, the credits were the icing on the cake! We enjoyed $350 in spa credits and $150 in gift shop credits. We would go anyway even without the credits, but they are nice! One thing I like a about booking so far out is the anticipation of the trip. When anything difficult comes up, I can just think "Jamaica in April". We are excited!

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    We booked trip #4 for January 2011 before June 30th to take advantage of the credits also. We just love CSA and agree that the credits are a great bonus. During trip #3 this past February we were thrilled with the credits for the spa and gift shop. Counting the days till January.

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    We are looking at #5 for CSA also. Havenít booked yet. We are looking at other resorts and locations. We will wait and see if FILA is offered.

    The waiting is the killer. Have a great time.

    Life is good

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    Yeah we booked 8 days at CSA for April 14-22 also. We loved CN but this is our first trip to CSA. Can't wait.

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