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    Default Food on the island

    Wouldn't it be great if there was food and snacks on the island? Instead of getting dress getting back on the boat go back to the resort eat and come back. Wouldn't it be nice to have some sandwiches, chips, cookies and so on? I think it is better to have food around when you are drinking and having a good time. Well, what do you think? We will be back in October.

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    Just go to SSB and never have to worry about leaving the island to eat or not getting to go out to the island due to weather.
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    While we were on the island, June 1-8m 2010, there was food brought out daily for everyone to share. Large platters of jerk chicken, fries, onion rings, and burgers. Delicious and super convenient.

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    That's why I like SSB.

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    Default Food on Island

    fanc When we were there, Someone from the staff brought out a huge tray of sandwiches, hot dogs, I think pulled pork and a few other assortments. But as I remember that only happened once. It's been suggested here often that one or two people go back, fill up a tray and bring it back. Next day someone else runs. I agree with you, once you get to the island you just don't want to leave.

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    DOn't they bring lunch over any more??? It has been a while since we were home (we will be back in 3 weeks - can't wait) but the last time we where there they brought lunch over.

    I would agree though - it would be awesome to have snack/food available. Please consider the idea.

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    Food was brought out daily May 29 thru June 5 of this year. Usually burgers, fries, patties and jerk chicken from the pool grill.

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    We were just there June 5-13 and they brought food to the island every day at lunch time. No worries.

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    We don't mind going to the mainland for lunch and a break. But it would be nice to have snacks. We did try SSB and we still went over to the restaurant just to get out of the sun and heat for awhile.

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    We have been several times and never had a problem getting food to the island. They always brought lunch out. I will be there in 35 days. We have no doubt that they will bring lunch to us.

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    We are SO happy to hear that the lunches have resumed on TI, if somewhat inconsistent?? Cross fingers this continues year round! We really hated to get dressed, wait for the boat, go over, eat, come back, get undressed again. Seemed counter to a relaxing day!

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    I think if a few people ask, they bring food over, they just can't keep bringing it over all day, and there's also no way to keep it warm, so they can't hold it very long.

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    I think I might have solved this problem.
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    We always loaded our pack with munchies to take over with us, but found that due to consumption of fancy drinks a more substantial meal was need. so yes food brough over wqould be amazing!

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    They did bring food over the week of July 3-10. It was hamburgs, patties, rings, fries, jerk chicken and pork.
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    We were also on the island from 7/4-7/11 and they brought out food everyday...I like the break of getting some "real food" seeing some of the staff we don't normally see, hitting a nice clean bathroom, and just riding the boat back in forth! To each his own, but I think if you asked for just about anything at the resort, they will try and make it happen!

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    Food was brought out every day we were there in April..

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    One day while we were there, a guest asked if it would be possible to get a salad & this was after they brought out the usual fare. The bartender, may have been Ranoldo, made a call and a short time later, the guest had her salad.

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    Default food

    yes they bring out food and it's a real....buff-et.

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    While we enjoy the island, we enjoy the food at Couples even more. Its not a bad idea to head back to the main island for an hour in the heat of the day to satisfy some cravings! And then when done, go back!

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    Default Speaking of Food

    Are there a lot of bugs/insects/mosquitos on the island for whom we will be food?

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    They brought over a variety of food-jerk chicken, burgers, fries, onion rings everyday 8/17-8/24. But it is brought over once, and it sits there. They used to have a warming oven but that's gone. So I don't mind going back to the mainland to get fresh food. As for the bugs-not a problem. Never got bit once!

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    Just got back from a fabulous week in CTI, most of it spent enjoying the Island. Yes, there is food, cheeseburgers, jerk chicken, etc served at lunch time so no need to get dressed and go back to eat. Yea mon!!

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    We just got back as well and everyday food was brought out. I think it is brought out a bit to early. It arrived usually around 11:45... we usually went back to the bigger island to eat and returned with plates of grilled cheese and blue cheese and crackers!!

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