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    I tried to do a search for this but didn't come up with anything so I am sorry as I am sure this is asked a lot.

    My husband and I traveled to CTI in Dec. 2006 and are looking at booking a trip for Dec 2011. We are torn between going back to CTI or trying out a new resort and going to CSS. We loved CTI and would like to see it since they renovated. We would also love to experience a new location. What are the pros/cons of each resort? What makes you choose one over the other? We know whichever resort we go to we will have a great time! Help us decide so we can book by tomorrow!!

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    We have stayed at CSS twice now and really love it. We did the trading spaces with CTI last year but we didn't like it as well. We like CSS because it is more rustic. The buildings are built on the cliff, and to us are more like "villas" where CTI seems more like a large hotel. SSB is great, and the grounds at CSS are lush and have many nooks and crannies to hide with each other. But, it all depends on what drew you to CTI first and what you are looking for. If you are not sure, you can book CTI, and do a trading places with CSS. Then the next time, if you like CSS, you can give it a try.

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    Was back at CTI in May, second trip had to see the new renovations before moving on to another Couples resort.

    If you loved CTI the 1st time, go back and use the Trading Places program to check out CSS...We did and really enjoyed CSS but for us CTI is "Home".

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    With some of the changes at CTI, you may feel like you are in a new location. The Piano Bar is all new. The Spa is all new and in a new location. The area that housed the photo shop, game room,etc. is a new building with rooms on the 2nd & 3rd floor. The beach grill is on the first floor and is now the Pool Grill with the Veggie and Smoothie Bar taking the space of the Beach Bar. Oh there is the new Swim Bar in the new pool. The main pool is still there and is the quiet pool. Lobby is different also. Think about what drew you to CTI in the first place. We had the opposite experience as Linda. We booked CTI for our 3rd trip last year and visited CSS during Trading Spaces and we weren't inclined to return this year. We will however, try the Trading Spaces again next week. Maybe we missed something.Good Luck!

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    How long do you plan to go for? You could try a split perhaps? I found pros and cons for each and we couldn't decide, so that's what we're doing. Mostly we're doing CSS for the lush grounds and beach, and CTI for the extra activities (cat cruise, horseback riding and better dive boat)and more dining options over the 2 weeks.
    Sorry I'm of no help, but really, it's such a persoanl thing and some people love one over the other. Which ever you decide, at least do a trading places and check out the other resort.

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    Or go to CSS and visit CTI via Trading Places to check out the renovations.

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    This post is too late to influence you, so I thought I'd ask what you decided on?

    We, personally, like both resorts, but LOVE CTI for the proximity to the ocean. We also LOVE CSS for the proximity to SSB!! lol! This year, as last year, we will stay at CTI, and do a Trading Spaces at CSS. But in 2011, we will try CN!!! I want to experience what I've heard are the calm waters of Bloody Bay. A split of CTI/CN is planned. Just booked today.

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    We decided to go back to CTI and do the Trading Spaces to CSS to see what we think of it. I can't wait!

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    We ended up booking CTI. We will use the Trading Palces to check out CSS to get a feel for it and see if it is something we would be interested in. I think next time we might venture out and do CN! Thanks for all your help!

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