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    We are booking as we send this. Feb 7 until 21st and we have great plans... Can't wait to see all the guys and gals but will need to lose some pounds first or buy a new wardrobe.

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    which Couples? We will be in CSS from Feb 2 until 11th.

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    Which resort will you be staying?
    One Love,

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    Cape Cod Sue,

    Hope to meet you as we will be there from 2-2 till 2-9.

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    Jamie & Penny,
    Looking forward to meeting you! Our flight leaves Boston at 5 am. Can't wait, to say the least. 7 months to go. 215 days exactly, but who's counting? Me.
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    We will be there from 02-12 to 02-19 so make sure you guys put on plenty of sunscreen before we get there. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else again. Heck it will only be 4 years when we get there. I'm thinking we will be at resort by 5 PM on the 12th will be looking for you. Karens already working on her diet and exercise routine but me, heck I'm just packing it on, the older I get the easier it seems to come on. Remember 02-17 is INWSD. See you on facebook.

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