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    My husband and I are flying out on September 2nd from Kansas City, but have an overnight layover in Dallas before continuing on September 3rd to Miami and then Montego Bay. My question is, has anyone else ever had an overnight layover, and if so, do they check your bags straight through, or do you have to pick them up at baggage claim where you stay for the night and recheck them the next morning. Just curious. I've looked on American Airlines website for info about this, and haven't found much of anything, and in the past I haven't gotten much help from their customer service so I haven't called to ask yet.

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    I would think that your bags are checked straight through unless you are staying in a hotel for the night and re-checking into the airport in the morning.

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    I'm sure this varies by airline, but I can say from experience that at Delta (or in this case Skywest as a Delta Connection) will not check your bags through if your layver exceeds 6 hours. I know this because last year going to CSA we took a redeye that involved a layover in Salt Lake City that was 6 hours and 2 minutes and we had to go to baggage claim, retrieve our bags, walk back to the ticket counter and check in again. Having said that, it also varies by who checks you in. While rechecking our bags in Salt Lake City the ticket agent 'inqired' as to our situation, when we told her what we were doing she said that our first gate agent could have easily overridden this and simply checked our bags through to MBJ. So, I guess my advise would be to contact American and see what they say.

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    We have had this happen before on a trip to Barbados, where we flew into JFK the night before, and stayed in a hotel before our early morning flight out the next morning. You will pick up your bags in Dallas and then recheck them the following morning to Jamaica.

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    We do the same thing when we fly from Milwaukee and yes you have to claim your luggage in Dallas and then in the morning you have to recheck your luggage in the morning. It is not a big deal.

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    We did an overnight at each end in Miami when we went to Turks & Caicos. On the way down Alaska at first wanted to put them straight through, but then there was a big ordeal and to make a long story short we had to pick them up and drag them to the hotel with us. The next morning AA was surprised that we were checking bags and tried to tell us they'd been checked. I think the total confusion was just because of dealing with 2 airlines.
    We realised that it would've been easier to not have to pick them up and just have a change of clothes and neccesities in carry-on (except the liquids can be a problem) but they won't let your bags fly ahead without you.
    However, on the way back starting with AA they would not let us check them straight through and made us pick them up. I'm sure that was because of having to go through customs in Miami.

    So you might be able to check them straight through going down there, but certainly not coming back (if you have a layover then too). Certainly if you want to pick them up and take them to the hotel, you can. Oh and don't count on a straight answer if you do call the airlines. We find that we get different responses from different people. it all depends who you get and what mood they're in! LOL

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