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    Default Trip To Margaritaville

    We will be staying at CSS in early August and have read about the trip to Margaritaville offered through the resort. The Margaritaville website looks inviting, but I wonder who has been there before and if this activity should be placed on the "must do" list.
    Anyone have comments (positive or negative) to share regarding an evening at Margaritaville?

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    We would not recommend the nighttime trip to Margaritaville from CSS. We went once and were very disappointed. My husband is a parrot head and loves Jimmy Buffett. They do not play any Buffett or Raegae music at night. It's all hip-hop. Margaritaville is in the Island Village Shopping Center and we just go during the day. It's a fun place during the day.
    When we went to CN they offer a trip at 5:00 at night and it was great. It was a real beach party and a lot of fun. It was so different from the one in Ocho Rios. That's just our opinion. We couldn't wait to get back to Couples.
    Have a great time at CSS.

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    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]We had a similar experience as Bruce and Brenda and we went during the shopping excursion. Hip hop music, not buffet, warm beer and very expensive Coca Cola and we couldn't get service to get anything to eat. If the need to visit Margaritaville is still weighing on you, plan on having a meal on your way home while at the airport. [Font]

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    Brenda and Bruce: that is a great idea for Margaritaville. I was looking at the CSS activity sheet thinking I'll never be awake enough at 11pm to go to margaritaville that late.....but going on the shopping trip and hitting Margaritaville would work We tend to be up early, and settle shortly after nighttime entertainment Thanks for the great tip...can't wait for our first Couples trip to CSS

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    Meh...I'd pass. Those tight wads wouldn't even given me a free shirt on my b-day last year...pffftt...

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